Finland eases restrictions on passenger access

Finland eases restrictions on passenger access

Finland wants to be proactive and confident after the start of summer and for this reason, as the Helsinki government announced last week, many restrictions on travel by sea, land and air have been eased (see also news posted by Aveos). Since yesterday, Monday, June 21, 2021, these moves are made easier if we refer to coming from countries that are part of the European Union and from the Schengen area. Going into more detail about the procedures, passengers must have some requirements, including a full covid-19 vaccination for at least two weeks. Alternatively, it is always possible to prove that you have recovered from the Coronavirus in the past six months. So the Scandinavian country wants to encourage tourism, with internal borders that more travelers, both tourists and businessmen, can cross. If you want to be more clear about which passengers are accepted on Finnish territory, then these people should have these characteristics:

  • 2 doses of the vaccine and at least 2 weeks after the last dose;
  • recovery from coronavirus and at least one dose of the vaccine more than a week before the flight;
  • He was cured of COVID-19 for less than six months.

Other restrictions that were removed are controls on air traffic coming from Poland and Hungary. On the other hand, minor changes have been implemented regarding traffic at the external borders. Furthermore, it is important to note that restrictions have already been lifted for the Vatican, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Singapore, Rwanda and New Zealand.

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On the same topic, also read the article he published Aveos.

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