Find out why Days Gone is the fan-favorite zombie game! You'll never guess what they say…

Time seems to have worked wonders for him Days passed From Bend Studios. Although the game received somewhat mixed reviews upon its release, it is a title that has developed something of a cult following over time.

We're all familiar with the phrase “cult classic”, a project that may not have been very popular at the time but eventually developed a strong fan base. Days passed This seems to be the perfect example of that. A quick look at Metacritic will show you that upon release, the game received an average score of 71, but despite sales equivalent to those received by the game. Ghost of Tsushimaa potential sequel – which would have been released in April 2023 if it went ahead, has been cancelled, according to the game's director.

Take a look at Days passed In action below.

You will find a lot of love for Days passed On Reddit. It really feels like it was available on PlayStation Plus last year, along with the desire to get zombie content after its release The last of us On HBO, it worked great for this title. Reddit user xiosy started a discussion, writing: “I will never understand the hate towards Days passed. For me, this is one of the best zombie games ever. Because of the hate we won't have anymore 2 days ago Which this franchise deserves,” receiving over 12,600 positive votes.

“The so-called hate really goes back to the state the game was originally released in, and if that weren't the case I think there would be a completely different look at it. Days passed Generally. It's a great game but another lesson in how it shouldn't be released because that reputation remains ingrained,” Man_Derella_203 added. This touches on one of the game’s problems.

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I also think that though there is fun in it Days passedIts dialogue and story pacing needed adjustments. Is this one of the best zombie games ever, well, I guess that's up to everyone to decide. For me, it certainly doesn't rival the heights of The Last of Us, but would Bend Part 2 have offered the opportunity to tweak the formula? I believe. The question I want to answer is if Bend doesn't work on it 2 days agoWhat have they been working on for five years?

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