Find out which category of couple you belong to

Find out which category of couple you belong to

When we fall in love, we sometimes have the impression that we are reproducing the same patterns with the same type of people. This is not surprising in the end. A team of scientists took an interest in couples and questioned their relationships. For nine months, these researchers followed more than 400 couples for their study. In this way, they were able to identify four large families of couples. Find out which one you belong to! Online magazine Grazia I recently published an article about this same investigation.

The Four Great Families of Lovers

Keep in mind that these large families represent majority families. Obviously, not everyone falls into one of these four categories. Thus, some couples may find themselves in several categories. So don’t take anything literally!

Conflicted couples

the Conflicted lovers They are the type of passionate couples, but they are always at each other’s throats. These individuals are powerful Related to love They feel each other. However, they are unable to establish a peaceful relationship. They can easily experience wonderful moments of love and passion, such as hating each other because of yes or no. It’s generally the style of couples who break up and get back together on a regular basis, but still, Doesn’t last long.

Inseparable lovers

This type of union is Union par excellence. In fact, inseparable couples are made up of passionate, interconnected individuals, it’s true Friends, lovers of each other. They tend to do everything together, be it their outings, sports or hobbies. Some even tend to build professional projects together so they don’t have to be apart during work hours. These are, more often than not, the couples who last toe longer, even for life.

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Social lovers

That’s the kind of lovers they are social lovers, Which exists thanks to their social relationships. These are mainly couples who live through eyes Their mutual friends.

Having mutual friends makes the members of these couples feel closer and more committed.

Often times it is this social commitment to their relationships that keeps these couples going. They rarely meet face to face, only in pairs. They tend to have more outings with friends or with their families. These couples are best friends, and share a certain intimacy. Some of them last over time, but more often than not this union is broken when it is necessary Move forward more seriously within the couple.

Melodramatic couples

Finally, the last category of pairs identified is class Melodramatic couples. These individuals love drama, and even live for it. These are generally the unions that last the shortest. People who form this type of couple usually take things too seriously, and they can even be too picky Very sensitive. So they are very affected by every little element that adds a grain of sand to their relationship.

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