Find out the insane amount he earns every year (obviously, we envy him)!

Find out the insane amount he earns every year (obviously, we envy him)!

retirement ? For him, it’s great. Patrick Hernandez lives very well thanks to his song “Born to Live.” As the singer celebrates his 74th birthday on April 6, we reveal just how much money he makes each year (and day)…

Patrick Hernandez, then this name necessarily means something to you. He is a French multidisciplinary artist, author, composer and performer. He’s the father of the disco moniker we all swung at: Born to survive. While he was He is 74 years old This April 6th, it’s a chance to take a look back at the artist’s career, thanks to this seriously lush tube.

Patrick Hernandez receives “between 800 and 1,500 euros a day”

He has the life every retiree in this country dreams of. With just one hit, Patrick Hernandez remained quiet until the end of his life even 44 years after he launched his tube. “He makes between €800 in bad years and €1,500 a day in very good years.The singer has gushed in a promo for the movie stars 80 In France 2. Some quick calculations make it possible to understand that Patrick Hernandez was at that time Income between €292,000 and €547,500 per annum. Well, not quite…

The 74-year-old singer explained TPMP Why touch so much but by providing a few useful details: “I am 150% dad. I am the author, composer, performer, publisher and producer of this song. So inevitably when music resonates globally, it brings in a little cash. Before taxes, and before a number of things, I don’t have $1,500 left in my pocket every night. So there it is, but it pays off a lot.

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The story of the Born to survive

with this song, Patrick Hernandez became a millionaire. Initially, he wrote and composed the hit song on an album for the Paris Palace Hôtel group. But the duo split even before singing the lyrics. He is continuing his career as best he can. He was nearly cast by Madonna – as a backing vocalist – who eventually dropped him. As he begins to lose hope, he receives support from producer Jan Van Loo, who encourages him to persevere. As a result, he titled an old one of his creations, Born to surviveWhich he decides to explain himself and it’s a full house.

Address found Ranked 4 weeks at the top of the charts And crosses borders: Italy, England and the United States too. He continues to release 45s, but will struggle to find their audience. No need to shed tears, thanks to this single victory, he secured his future.

What happened to Patrick Hernandez?

Despite its comfortable input, it didn’t shut down the mic. Patrick Hernandez continues to perform on stage, and we’ve seen him especially on tour stars 80. The showman loves the stage and there is no doubt about his happiness. we can It meets at the Accor Arena on December 17, 2023.

Close to his audience, the singer never refuses to perform even in small towns in France. He will be in Auberchecourt in June 2023, a town in the north of France, to take part in the Chauveur Festival where he will undoubtedly be the star of the day. according to North VoiceWithout a doubt, the audience will be in attendance to see a dude with a cane at an outdoor showMore than 40 years later, it is still popular and born to survive…

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