Find out how to easily sync your Huawei phone with Strava to enjoy unforgettable gym sessions!

Find out how to easily sync your Huawei phone with Strava to enjoy unforgettable gym sessions!

In the world of connected watches, the combination of the Huawei Watch and Strava app represents an important turning point for fitness enthusiasts. Here's a step-by-step guide to making this crucial connection.

Integration of Strava into the Huawei ecosystem

It all started in September 2022, when Huawei integrated Strava into its platform. The main complaint from Huawei smartwatch users has been the lack of third-party services. So the arrival of Strava was considered a real revolution. Suddenly, Huawei Watches became more capable devices for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

The benefits are undeniable: While Huawei's connected watches have proven to be reliable tools for tracking sports performance, Strava is positioning itself as the primary network for analyzing, sharing and comparing this data.

Why is this a major breakthrough?

  • Strava is popular among runners and triathletes.
  • Contribute rich social experience.
  • More advanced data analysis features.

Steps to connect between Huawei and Strava

If you have a Huawei Watch and you like the idea of ​​linking your activities to Strava, follow this tutorial to simply do it:

  1. Open the application Huawei HealthIt is available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Go to the tab ” I “.
  3. Access to privacy management (“Privacy Management”).
  4. Click on “Data sharing and licensing”.
  5. He chooses Strava In the list.
  6. Log in to your account Strava.

After following these steps, your accounts will be linked and your Huawei Watch workouts will be synced to Strava.

What about pre-contact training?

It is important to note that only new workouts will be synced. Unfortunately, previous account link activity will not appear on Strava.

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Which Huawei devices are compatible with Strava?

The beauty of this integration lies in its universality. No matter which model of connected Huawei watch you have, the procedure remains the same. Interaction occurs between the application Huawei Health And the platform Strava ; So every workout recorded on your watch will automatically appear in Strava after syncing.

The addition of Strava to Huawei's offering democratizes access to detailed performance analytics for a wider audience. Huawei smartwatches are no longer just trackers; They have become true sports partners enriched by the experience and Strava community.

With this information, you can benefit from an improved, more connected fitness tracking experience. The synergy between Huawei and Strava opens up a new world of possibilities for every one of your workouts.

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