Financial aid for evicted tenants, the effect of green spaces on real estate prices... Flashing the environment today

Financial aid for evicted tenants, the effect of green spaces on real estate prices… Flashing the environment today

Today’s number: 2 to 5%. Are city dwellers willing to pay more if they move near a park or green space? In 55% of the municipalities with a population of 50,000, the prices of apartments closest to these islands of greenery turned out to be in any way high compared to the prices of the rest of their districts. That’s what real estate data specialist Homadata was able to conclude. Stronger: in Paris, Reims, Nantes, Montpellier and Bordeaux, the group was able to conclude that apartments located less than 500 meters from the parks sell on average from 2 to 5% more expensive than similar apartments, but far from the parks! Find the results of this ground-breaking study in this article.

hustle today He was pushed by the CEO of Rakuten, the shirt sponsor of FC Barcelona, ​​after the racist video involving Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele. Made during a tour of Barcelona in 2019, we see French footballer Ousmane Dembele mocking the structure and language of hotel staff in Japan. Hiroshi Mikitani said on Tuesday, July 6, that he wanted an “explanation.” “As a club partner and tour host, I deeply regret the discriminatory remarks made by FC Barcelona players,” the Japanese e-commerce giant’s founder tweeted. Since 2017, the brand has paid 55 million euros a year to appear on the Blaugrana shirt and has extended his contract for an optional year for next season.

Capital operation information. Due to the health crisis, 30,000 renting families are at risk of eviction in the coming months and weeks, according to estimates by major associations fighting against poor housing. For families with unpaid rent, there are counters where they can request financial assistance, advice and free legal support in the event of eviction proceedings initiated by the landlord. Find the index of these aids and how to get them in this article.

And we end with good news for the French in need of escape. Spain has just relaxed entry requirements for travelers from France. France is no longer one of the countries at risk for the Spanish health authorities. No need to provide a test or vaccine to get there. For those arriving by boat or plane, you will need to provide a QR code. It can be downloaded from the Spain Travel Health website after filling out a form 48 hours before departure. Only four French regions are still subject to a much stricter measure. These are Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana.

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