Finally, a fantasy RPG from the creators of New Vegas solves the biggest problem facing Skyrim! Find out now!

Hello gamers and pop culture fans! Last night, we were completely blown away by Xbox's Developer Direct 2024, not least because we finally got to see just how great Indy will be in MachineGames' next game. However, for some of us here at GAMINGbible, it was the announcement of a special RPG that really captivated us.

From the developers of the famous game He falls, Fallout: New Vegasreceipt I confess. We knew it was in the works for a while, but look Obsidian Entertainment Giving us a more detailed look has only heightened our enthusiasm for this game.

Don't forget to watch the preview I confess !

Additionally, it shows that the developers are keen on fixing one of its biggest flaws SkyrimA sentence I don't like to write, but it's true nonetheless. As much as we all respect him Bethesda to Skyrimthe procedure was too simple for my taste, as well as for the taste of many other fans.

I confess It looks like it will change that by introducing a “flexible combat system” that will let you make quick decisions to “quickly transition from spell casting and precise shooting to melee combat.” Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

“It's not just hack and slash,” the developers promise, “You're making real-time decisions about when to use your abilities, powerful melee attacks, blocks, blocks, and special attacks.” The sense of control we will feel.

The Xbox-exclusive RPG is shaping up to be a massive exploration into the possibilities of the RPG genre, one that should ultimately shape how its Xbox competitors see it. After performing StarfieldMicrosoft needs to win when it comes to console exclusives.

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And we gamers need something to reignite our imaginations like The Elder Scrolls I confess It looks like the game will do that.

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