Final Fantasy 16 will have huge skill trees -

Final Fantasy 16 will have huge skill trees –

Final Fantasy 16 We will get skill trees Huge to manage the progress of the characters. To say it was producer Naoki Yoshida in flow from TGS 2021 with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of the Final Fantasy series, is currently the head of Mistwalker, the studio that recently launched Fantasian.

According to Yoshida, skill trees are included to give the player the ability to advance characters in a way that looks unique. Then Sakaguchi gets into the topic, talking about his experience with Fantasian, emphasizing that one of the best RPG moments is when new skill trees are unlocked, because customization, even within predefined character boundaries, is a key aspect of the experience.

Yoshida then said that Final Fantasy 16’s skill trees will expand similarly to Fantasian trees, concurring with Sakaguchi that it’s best to have the ability to adjust or adapt Even the default characters.

In the end, the two exchanged different compliments, with Yoshida claiming to have been influenced by the games created by Sakaguchi and the latter declaring his love for Final Fantasy XIV and its ability to make players feel individual even in the presence of others, expressing a desire to work on the game’s scenario and design new costumes for it.

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