Final Fantasy 16: A new promo is on the horizon - News

Final Fantasy 16: A new promo is on the horizon – News

And as he said a few days before the launch of the Uniqlo textile collection, the title appears to be on the right track. A new trailer has been shown.Should be submitted soon“,”However, for various reasons, the publication date has been postponedYoshi P commented, referring to the decisions of the marketing departments and the need to coordinate efforts around this new a statementnearly a year and a half after Trailer for a movie advertisement.

Present in the group as a runner-up DeniesYôsuke Saitô also congratulated the teams at work, emphasizing,They did an excellent job‘, to which Yoshida adds.The efforts of the development team have been great“And it can be said that it shouldn’t back down any time soon.”From now on, we will be able to run, refine, correct and improve them in an accurate way, which will require a lot of timeOne thing is for sure, Final Fantasy XVI is.Already formed“, And “The development team works hard and with a lot of passion“.

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