FIFA friendly: Democratic Republic of the Congo faces New Zealand in Murcia

FIFA friendly: Democratic Republic of the Congo faces New Zealand in Murcia

In this match, Sebastien Desabre passed to Lionel Mbasi in the goal. On the field there are Brian Paye (first choice Ascoli player), Chancel Mbemba, Dylan Batubinsika, Gideon Kalulu (exceptionally positioned in the left defensive line, he plays on the right), Charles Bickel, Samuel Motsami, Theo Bongonda. Meshack Elia, Cedric Bakambu and Silas Katumba. The Panthers were aggressive at the beginning of the match and had a chance to score (5H minute), before he left the ball to the opponent and wasted his first opportunity, which was blocked by goalkeeper Lionel Mbasi (8H minute). On 15H In the second minute, Chancel Mbemba eliminated the New Zealand attack.

Instead of lowering the flag, Desabre’s men launched counterattacks to rebalance the debates. At 20H In the minute, Theo Bongonda found Bakambu deep and the latter sent a pass to Silas Katumba. But the Stuttgart winger faced off against the New Zealand goalkeeper. This occasion marked a change in the balance of power in favor of the Panthers. After about 15 minutes, Bongonda caused great excitement in the All Whites defence, especially when he stepped on his left foot and fired a low shot that went close to the small net (33).

Sébastien Desabre’s men did not give up and opened the scoring early in the second half. In one-on-one action, Cedric Bakambu deftly pushed Nick Tzanev into the cage and scored his 16th goal.H Goal with the Panthers (0-1, 46H). The New Zealanders responded with a powerful blow, without succeeding in deceiving Mbasi (56H). The most dangerous opportunities remained available to the Congolese. Bongonda came very close to scoring the goal during the break, while a defender caught him in the last minute when he shot alone past the goalkeeper (57).

With it being a fixed game, Sebastien Desabre made several changes with Jackson Muleka, Edo Kayembe, Grady Diangana (debut for the Cheetahs), Simon Panza (debut for selection) and William Balikwesha on the field. The end of the match created opportunities for both teams. Thus, Chris Wood, the Nottingham Forest player in the English Premier League, thought he would equalize the equalizer for New Zealand, but his goal was disallowed due to offside (70). On the Congolese side, Bakambu was unable to hit his lively shot after penetrating the entire line (77). Simon Panza was also unable to finish the match after a deep pass from Gideon Kalulu (81). A stream of missed opportunities that the Panthers paid for in stoppage time, and indeed the referee awarded a penalty kick to the All Whites team after controversial behavior and Wood carried out the penalty (1-1, 90+1). Upon his arrival, Desabre and his teammates will have to settle for a draw, hoping to perform better next Tuesday against Angola in Portugal.

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