FIFA: founding, history, presidents, scandals – all information about FIFA

FIFA: founding, history, presidents, scandals – all information about FIFA

FIFA was founded in 1904 and has since been responsible for the organization of professional sport and the World Cup as the World Football Association.

  • The FIFA It was founded in 1904.
  • Dependent World Football Federation Today’s number 211 Members.
  • Stream President She is Italian and Swiss Gianni Infantino.

Zurich – In FIFA Almost seven million Members The largest sports association in the world. It generates most of the income from television rights and sponsorship of the men’s soccer tournament. Public perception of World Football Federation However, it suffers tremendously from persistence of multiple negative headlines scandal.

FIFA: Creation and Early History

With the increasing popularity of football at the turn of the twentieth century, so did interest in international games. To facilitate the organization of individual games and Tournaments Some national football associations joined in 1904 FIFA World Football Federation (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) together. The founding members are Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain (represented by Madrid Football Club) and Germany (registered by telegram). Firstly President The French were Robert Geren.

In the years that followed, others followed suit Members Especially from Europe. The first FIFA tournament yet Incorporation The men’s soccer tournament was a part of 1908 Summer Olympics in London. South Africa was the first non-European member in 1909, followed by Argentina (1912).

The Date FIFA almost ended with the First World War. Individuals from Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland resigned shortly after the end of the war because they did not want to play against former anti-war teams.

FIFA: Modern History

And dutch FIFAFounding Partner Karl Hirschman As secretary and interim chief he ensured survival World Football Federation After the war and death President Daniel Burley Woolfull In 1918. It wasn’t until 1921 that the French Jules Rimet Elected successor, under which the organization achieved his strongest growth Date Testing. By the time he resigned in 1954, FIFA had 85 Members.

Along with Uruguay Enrique Boero In 1930, Remée also organized the first World Championships at Borough House. All 18 matches were held in the capital, Montevideo. Due to the long flight, only four European members participated: Belgium, France, Yugoslavia and Romania.

In 1932, FIFA moved its headquarters from Paris to Zurich. In 2007, the new 180 million euros “FIFA Headquarters” office building opened in Zurich.

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FIFA today

Today it belongs to FIFA A total of 211 National Societies, which in turn are divided into six Continental Associations. The Six Associations:

  • Asian Football Confederation, Asia, founded in 1954
  • Confederation of African Football, Africa, Grundong 1957
  • CONCACAF (North and Central America Confederation and Caribbean Football Confederation), North America, Central America, Caribbean, founded 1961
  • CONMEBOL (Confederation of South American Football Associations), Südamerika, Gründung 1916
  • OFC (Oceania Football Association), Oceania, founded 1966
  • European Football Association (UEFA), Europe, founded in 1954

division Members Don’t always adhere to geographical conditions. Some countries in (near) Asia such as Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan are members of UEFA.

In 2006, Australia switched from the Oceania Association to the Asia Association. The Australian Football Association Annoyed by the fact that she has no equal opponents in Oceania with the exception of New Zealand.

FIFA: the most important tournaments

By far the most important tournament for them FIFA It is the FIFA Men’s World Championship, which takes place every four years. Dependent World Football Federation It plans its business in four-year cycles given the immense importance of the World Cup, of which 76 percent comes from marketing.

Another important Tournaments For FIFA it is the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Olympic Football Tournament and the FIFA U-17 and U-20 World Youth Championship. In 1989 the Futsal World Cup (indoor football) was added and in 2005 the Beach Soccer World Cup (beach soccer).

In 2000, FIFA introduced the so-called Club World Cup, in which the winners of the international competitions of the six continental confederations (including the UEFA Champions League) compete against each other. The host is seated too. at recent days Liverpool FC (UEFA Representative) 2019 Final vs. Flamingo Rio de Janeiro (CONMEBOL representative) in Qatar. The 2020 championship has been canceled due to the Corona pandemic.

FIFA and the FIFA World Cup for men

Since the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 with 13 participants, this has been the most important Competition Dependent FIFA It has grown tremendously. Since 2002, 32 out of 211 have qualified Members For the finals. In 2026, there must be 48 finalists.

Former world champions at a glance:

  • 1930, host: Uruguay, world champion: Uruguay
  • 1934, host: Italy, world champion: Italy
  • 1938, host: France, world champion: Italy
  • 1950, host: Brazil, world champion: Uruguay
  • 1954, host: Switzerland, world champion: Germany
  • 1958, host: Sweden, world champion: Brazil
  • 1962, host: Chile, world champion: Brazil
  • 1966, host: England, world champion: England
  • 1970, host: Mexico, world champion: Brazil
  • 1974, host: Germany, world champion: Germany
  • 1978, host: Argentina, world champion: Argentina
  • 1982, host: Spain, world champion: Italy
  • 1986, host: Mexico, world champion: Argentina
  • 1990, host: Italy, world champion: Germany
  • 1994, Host: USA, World Champion: Brazil
  • 1998, host: France, world champion: France
  • 2002, host: South Korea / Japan, world champion: Brazil
  • 2006, Host: Germany, World Champion: Italy
  • 2010, Host: South Africa, World Champion: Spain
  • 2014, host: Brazil, world champion: Germany
  • 2018, host: Russia, world champion: France
  • 2022, to be hosted by Qatar

Canada, Mexico, and the United States will host the 2026 World Cup.

From 1930 to 1970, the world champion was awarded the Jules Rimet Cup. Brazil was allowed to keep the original after winning their third title in 1970. Today’s Cup was from Silvio Gazzaniga Designed and remains the permanent property of FIFA. Original in The FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich To admire.

Women’s World Cup

Since 1991 World Football Federation FIFA Also a world championship for women. This always happens one year after the Men’s World Cup. the previous Tournaments:

  • 1991, Host: China, World Champion: USA
  • 1995, host: Sweden, world champion: Norway
  • 1999, Host: USA, World Champion: USA
  • 2003, Host: USA, World Champion: Germany
  • 2007, host: China, world champion: Germany
  • 2011, host: Germany, world champion: Japan
  • 2015, host: Canada, world champion: USA
  • 2019, host: France, world champion: USA

Australia and New Zealand will host the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

FIFA: the current president and his predecessor

The two main bodies of FIFA It is the FIFA Council he belongs to President Presiding over and Congress. In addition to the current president, the FIFA Council consists of eight vice-presidents and 28 regular members Members.

All heads World Football Federation In a glance:

  • Robert Guerin, Nationality: France, Term of office: 1904-1906
  • Daniel Burley Wolfall, Nationality: England, Term of office: 1906-1918
  • Karl Hirschmann, Nationality: Netherlands, Term of office: 1918-1920 *
  • Jules Rimet, Nationality: France, Term of office: 1921-1954
  • Rudolf William Sellers, Nationality: Belgium, Term of office: 1954-1955
  • Arthur Drew, Nationality: England, Duration: 1956-1961
  • Ernst Thomin, Nationality: Switzerland, Term of office: 1961 *
  • Sir Stanley Ross Nationality: England, Duration: 1961-1974
  • Joao Havelange, Nationality: Brazil, Term of office: 1974-1998
  • Sepp Blatter, Nationality: Switzerland, Term of office: 1998-2015
  • Issa Hayatou, Nationality: Cameroon, Term of Office: 2015-2016 *
  • Gianni Infantino, Nationality: Italy / Switzerland, term of office: Since 2016
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* As interim president

The current FIFA President is a Swiss citizen of Italian descent Gianni Infantino. He previously served as UEFA General Secretary from 2009 to 2016, succeeding Controversy Sepp Platter at. Due to his abuse of power, the FIFA President’s powers were restricted after his resignation. The Secretary General is now critical to day to day operations. Currently this is a Senegalese employee Fatima Samba Diouf Samoura.

FIFA: Known scandals

Dependent World Football Federation It has been criticized for years for corruption and cronyism. Already long under the Brazilian president Joao Havelange There were initial allegations. So he was involved in the so-called bribery case surrounding the company ISL / ISMM He was involved, from which he may have raised 1.5 million francs. At that point it was Sepp Platter Already the Secretary-General of FIFA Also. When he succeeded Havelange in 1998 President More allegations of corruption soon followed.

The awarding of the 2018 World Cup to Russia and 2022 to the emirate of Qatar was and remains controversial. Investigations revealed that bribes were used to buy votes for the final vote. The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office investigates dishonest business administration and money laundering.

in addition to scandal There has been bribery in the media, marketing and sponsorship in the United States and Latin America. Among those arrested in 2015 Members FIFA was among others Geoffrey WebbAnd the President of CONCACAF f Eugenio FigueiredoVice President of CONMEBOL and FIFA.

Investigations were opened against President Sepp Blatter in September 2015 due to the scandals. He was convicted of misusing the position and banned for eight years. General Secretary Jerome Falk It was banned that same year because it had to secure secret winnings sharing on sold World Cup tickets.

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