Federico Gaute Champion in New Zealand

Federico Gaute Champion in New Zealand

Speaking to Chivilcoy AM Radio and Snica 101.1 FM, Hector Pedro Denizio spoke with the player, who told him how he got to that country and also his involvement in New Zealand football: This year we won the second division and next year we will. Play at first. This team was armed with Argentines like me, who were arriving in the country on business visas, a tourist, and were joining a team that was on the island, which was playing seven classes below; Filled with Argentines, the team was a rising champion in the categories that participated; This started in 2013, from what they told me, I traveled to New Zealand in 2019 and played for the team for two seasons. I arrived in New Zealand with a friend, and we decided to take a trip, I am an agronomist, I was working on my profession and in 2020 I moved to the island, knowing that there is a team full of Argentines also Chileans and Uruguayans; Every year there is a pre-season and the players get together, pre-season work is done and the rest start at the beginning of the real season; I am a central defender. In our team there are no hired players, yes in the second tournament we won this year, there are teams with paid players and they have sponsors; In our team we all work and when we leave the activity we go to training. The club is located on an island opposite Auckland, one of the most important cities in New Zealand, where the most famous New Zealand team, Auckland City, is based. In the low season, there are no more than 9000 inhabitants, in the high season the population rises to 30000 due to tourism.

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When Gaute was asked if it was difficult to enter the country, he explained: It is difficult to get a work visa, the Argentines have a quota of 1000, once you get the visa it becomes easy to get a job, because there is more work. of the amount of money. They have a local currency, the New Zealand dollar, which is a very strong currency, so the salaries and purchasing power are better than in our country. Income found per week, which makes one able to manage better. As for the language, at first it was difficult for me, I did not speak English very well, but then you have no choice but to learn.

At the end of the note, Gaute said I’m not sure about going back to New Zealand, although it would be nice to play at First. If I stay, I can definitely do it in San Lorenzo in my hometown, which is in the Chivilcoy League.

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