Federation 2: CO Le Puy must raise the slider to be in Meyzieu

Federation 2: CO Le Puy must raise the slider to be in Meyzieu

There are sometimes defeats that are meant to encourage. For its part, CO Le Puy updated the disappointing victories. After two losses to Nantua (27-45) and Chalons (22-16), the club of Gerard Rumias and Jean-Philippe Fries rebalanced the discussions. He achieved two wins at home against Le Creusot (42-35) and Pontarlier (34-27).

“We need an extra spirit outside.”

These meetings helped prove that Le Puy had its place in Fédérale 2. But they also highlighted some of the group’s failings. The staff can actually regret leaving extra defensive points to their opponents, at the end of the match. A two-faced, two-speed policeman scares himself with his lack of control.

“It was difficult,” coach Alexandre Bastin said immediately last Sunday. He imposed his team rugby only at the beginning of this period. Enough to score 19-0 over Pontarlier, within a quarter of an hour. But due to air gaps, Rouge et Noir left their opponent in the match. The reference match, with a full 80 minutes, is still awaited. The outside world will not forgive this violation. Not even in Meyzieu, among the first unlandable places.

Federation 2: Against Pontarlier, CO Le Puy had another stunning success

“This is not going to happen, we need an additional spirit abroad,” warns Alexandre Bastin. With public pressure and necessarily different judging, we have to look for more. » The technician requires more involvement to provide more peace of mind in brand areas. He knows the context at Meyzieu will be special.

“It’s an area we know, and it’s a bit too dangerous, but that doesn’t bother us.” The Rhones, relegated from Fédérale 1, face a complicated start to the season but they still managed to beat Nantua (22-21).

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Without Todd Dolan

The Ponot crew will have to cope without Todd Doolan in the hope of achieving their first success away from home. The New Zealander suffered an Achilles injury and the rest of his season is largely in jeopardy. Baptiste Dance also must be lost to a shoulder injury. Cooper Vona’s knee injury is unconfirmed. Despite everything, Le Puy registered the return of Adrien Gras and Louis Gandon.

Alexandre Bastin does not set accounting goals for his players. “The priority is not the result. All you have to do is leave the field without regretting anything.” An encouraging defeat could be enough for his happiness, if this time the policeman comes stronger than him.

Reservations: The COP defends its place on the platform

To raise the curtain, at 1:30 pm, the reserve team CO Le Puy will face its counterpart from Meyzieu. The Ponots had an encouraging start and finished third four days later. They have only conceded three points in their last two matches against Le Creusot (27-0) and Pontarlier (47-3). Against Meyzieu, who has only one win, Matthieu Beynier’s partners have the chance to get closer to the top spot.

Lucas Jacquet

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