feather.  SailGP: Frenchman (5th) in clear progress at Plymouth - sailing

feather. SailGP: Frenchman (5th) in clear progress at Plymouth – sailing

Starting this Sunday, on the tricolor side, we’ll remember the super start of the first round. To be shown in sailing schools, just as New Zealanders also depart. For the rest, the French, led by Quentin Delabier, made headway in this third quarter of the ring.


Quentin Delabier: “We wanted to do two days out of respect for what we had planned, and it checked. There is a lot of disappointment with this last round which leaves a really bitter aftertaste. We got off to a really bad start. That’s how we move forward, how we learn. We finish fifth again. Not everything has to be shaken off, far from it. There are a lot of very good things. The last race wasn’t easy to negotiate in very changing circumstances. The weekend remains very positive.We won a tour in Chicago and here in Plymouth we are in a good position to reach the final until this last round.We didn’t fail too much.We will have to digest the last bitten round.


Plymouth Grand Prix

1. New Zealand / Peter Borling 44 points

2. Australia / Tom Slingsby Ainsley 38 points

3. Denmark / Nikolai Sistede 36 points

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4. Great Britain / Ben Ainsley 36 points

5. France / Quentin Delabier 31 points

6. Canada / Phil Robertson 26 points

7. United States / Jimmy Spittel 22 points

8. Switzerland / Sebastian Schneiter 19 points

9. Spain / Jordi Xammar 14 points


1. New Zealand / Peter Berlin

2. Australia / Tom Slingsby Ainsley

3. Denmark / Nikolai Siehsted

SailGP (after 3 seasons)

1. Australia / Tom Slingsby 29 points

2. Great Britain / Ben Ainsley 24 points

3. New Zealand / Peter Berling 22 points

4. Canada / Phil Robertson 22 points

5. Denmark / Nikolai Seihsted 20 points

6. France / Quentin Delabier 15 points

7. United States / Jimmy Spittel 13 points

8. Spain / Jordi Xammar 8 points

9. Switzerland / Sebastian Schneiter 7 points

The Duchess of Cambridge boarded Sir Ben Ainsley’s British F50 ahead of the races on Sunday in Plymouth. (Photo by Ricardo Pinto/SailGP)

rest of the program

August 19-20: Danish Grand Prix sailing in Copenhagen

September 10-11: Tour de France sailing in Saint-Tropez

September 24-25: Spanish Sailing Grand Prix in Cadiz

November 12-13: Dubai Sailing Grand Prix

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