Stade Français-Racing 92.

Favorites and claws of our special correspondent

decadence – The return of the audience, a very long Vico, but also the destructive mistakes of the Parisians and the transparent Laumape. Find out what caught our journalist’s eye at Stade Jean-Point in the Derby-Ile-de-France.


Jan Bowen finally shakes

A year and a half without a game, then behind closed doors. Hamed Stadium. The players fidgeted in silence. And finally, salvation. Nearly 14,000 spectators chant, Titis de l’Ovalie and Virage des Dieux answer each other with forceful drums. Jan Bowen shakes. in the last. And the enthusiasm for everything, including the designs of cheerleaders accompanied by four valence fans or the arrival of a ball held at arm’s length by a rider standing on two black horses. A nod to the years of Max Guisini, the historical president of Stade Francis de Paris, it is clear that he was present in the stands. Over the course of the minutes, and Team Racingmen’s high score, the pace will be set off by a handful of black and white fans, who are thrilled to start the season successfully for the contender.

Parisian melee dominates … in vain

This is the only sector in which the Stade Français has held a high position in Racing. Such a series of five brawls won in a row at 22 meters from Ile-de-France resulted in a yellow card for a Colombian, who had just played in an attempt to anchor the sky-white building. But in the end, Yuan Maestri walks away from the business aggressively. Tried to reject a striker on the ground of the Parisian second line … in the 50th minute, a new show of force from the group of pink soldiers. He only got three points from the manufacturer Joris Segonds.

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Vico without remorse

And Paris fans saw the assignment of the captain to their previous position, who departed with the rival last April when the season was in full swing, as a provocation. Hence the series of whistles when his name was announced. Defiance did not burden Gael Fico. from, from 6NS Minute, the Parisian defense tears to show the way to his teammates. With his short support, France’s XV center regularly executed the Parisian defense. in 57NS Minutes, under a new barrage of boos, Fico presented himself for a penalty over 50 metres. He will miss him once he slips when hit.


Laumape has not demolished anything

The duel between Fickou and former All Blacks center Ngani Laumape was eagerly awaited. It didn’t happen because the New Zealander was reticent in his official debut in a Paris shirt. Great handling on chat (13NS) But the knock on Machenaud does not move but makes him bounce. Laumape seemed a bit lost in the Parisian organisation. Too cautious. He was a little involved in his hand, and was regularly contented with the simple role of a torchbearer. in 42NS Minute, he challenges Racing’s defense twice in the same action. Without succeeding in making her come back. We’ll have to wait to see wrecking ball in action…

Expensive offers for Francus and Maestri

The race dominates and doubles the raids, but the Paris defense does not break. With a desperate return, Naivalu throws in Imhoff contact who will flatten out in the corner. Test saved, touch Stade Français. The long throw is for Charles Franco, who, alone on touchdown, makes a great striker. Punishment falls. Scrum to race and test chat strength (21NS). Six minutes later, as the pink soldiers left to attack the Île-de-France camp, Yuan Maestre, an unlikely unloading attempt, attempted. The ball, thrown into the void, was recovered by Tanga. Two lightning relays from Vakatawa and Imhof to send Donovan Tauvevinua for testing. Two mistakes cost 14 points and allow the race to rise to the score (6-20).

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Stade Français started poorly

The Parisians had announced their desire to retaliate for the 21-38 that was cashed in a volley three months ago. ” We still get it from our throats Sekou Makalu told Le Figaro. She missed it. The punishment is (almost) severe (21-36). And just like last season, the Stade Français started their season poorly. The blow to morale promises to be huge. Unchallenged defeat against an opponent in a home derby, that’s a lot of entry… The floral soldiers are already under pressure.

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