Faßmann / Hanger: exact date for ÖH elections

Vienna (OTS) ÖH elections will be held nationwide in 2021 from Tuesday 18 May to Thursday 20 May. The Ministry of Science will soon announce a corresponding list in which the organizational aspects of the elections have also been reorganized. These changes aim to help students with an election process that is as easy and safe as possible this year. Changes at a glance:

1. The signature of an active commissioner and authorized delivery representative is now sufficient to register the pool of applicants for election to ÖH.

2. All election committee meetings, like all student representatives’ meetings, can be held in a purely electronic form.

3. The electoral register has been digitized and can now be viewed electronically as well.

Federal Minister Heinz Wassmann said: “We are all aware that ÖH elections are entering a particularly difficult phase this year. The challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic require extensive safety precautions so that we can ensure the best possible protection for students and people holding elections on site. Of course, it also helps here to strengthen Digitization in the university sector We have developed new regulations that are now in effect in the last few months with student representatives in an extensive review process. I am very confident that all universities will also handle these elections well. When doing this, we also rely on experiences And previous concepts that were able to ensure safe university operations to a large extent. “

Federal President Sabine Hanger said it is important for the ÖH that elections are held in May for all parliamentary groups and all students without any health risks. “This has been taken into account with the changes in the HSWO. Above all, the necessary preparations, which are still in the somewhat cold months before the election three days, have been organized so that no one has to put themselves at risk of contracting the Coronavirus.”

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Hanger added that despite the difficult situation, it is especially important now to participate in the elections and to have the ÖH such a strong voice over the next two years. The crisis has shown how important strong representation is for students. From a hardship fund of more than 1 million euros for students who faced financial hardship during the crisis, to a massive increase in the number of free student psychological counseling jobs – ÖH was and continues to be a strong partner alongside students during a crisis! “

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