Farewell Coast Spit: Pilot whales stranded off New Zealand

Status: 02/22/2021 10:51 AM

Dozens of long-finned whales are stranded on the New Zealand coast. Nine animals have already died. More than 60 helpers fight for the survival of the animals.

Off New Zealand’s southern island, more than 50 longfin fly whales have entered the shallow waters – and nine animals have already died. The local nature conservation agency announced that several helpers tried to cool the animals until the flooding occurred.

Time and again a mass delinquency in front of the farewell spit

Why the whales are stranded remains unclear. In the Farewell Spit, there have been more frequent mass delinquencies in recent years. Scientists suspect, among other things, that the waters are particularly shallow at this point, which could disturb the direction of the animals.

The last time 650 pioneer whales were trapped on the Farewell Spit four years ago, more than 350 animals perished. Long-finned whales belong to the dolphin family and can grow up to eight meters. Usually, they are rarely seen near the coast.

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