Fall Guys: Spartan Lost Helmets Location - Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Spartan Lost Helmets Location – Fall Guys

For a few days, from June 30 to July 4, players fall guysRecently offered for free, you can participate in the Spartan Trial event, allowing, among other things, to retrieve Halo license-image cosmetics, although the costume is only accessible in-store. During these tests, many challenges will be asked of you Collect the lost Spartan helmetswhich is clearly not necessarily the case.

The Lost Spartan Helmets website

In fact, in order not to waste time, we recommend it to you Where is the missing helmet on every map. Note that the site is static and that the final stage does not offer one. In total, this is 5 Lost Spartan Helmets That Must Be Foundto get 500 points and complete all the tasks (thereby unlocking all the rewards).

Lost helmet location on PERKUTE-PORTE

The helmet is in the middle door, just before the finish line. You have to jump to get it.

Helmet location lost on swinging targets

The helmet is here, right in the center of the podium. To retrieve it, you have to wait until one of the sides is high enough to be able to reach the helmet.

rocker helmet

The location of the lost helmet in FONTES DES GLACES

To find the helmet, you have to wait for the first floors of the snowboard to melt. The helmet is in the middle.

snow melting helmet

Lost Helmet Location on Dizzy Heights

This is probably the hardest helmet to pick up, since if you fall, you will have a hard time untangling this helmet. We find him on a rotating platform, shortly before the finish line.

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Helmet heights

Helmet missing location on TIPTOES

To get your hands on this helmet, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump into the void. It is located below one of the tiles in the first row.

toe helmet

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