Fake New Zealand vaccination campaign: ‘No vaccine, no work, no compensation’

Fake New Zealand vaccination campaign: ‘No vaccine, no work, no compensation’

An image from the New Zealand Labor Party billboard for the anti-vaccination campaign Christmas circulated on Facebook COVID-19. According to the photo, along with the tagline “Remember to book your call for Christmas! Each summons gives you up to six months of freedom; there will also be a ‘No Vaccination, No Work, No Compensation’ warning. This is a brilliantly created fake image from the 2020 election poster.

For those in a hurry

  • There is no news from the local media regarding this alleged cartel or the vaccination campaign.
  • The image is a photomontage of the 2020 New Zealand election campaign.


we advise you One of the posts Which shows the modified image posted on .’s Facebook page Imola today:

In the photo we read the following text on the poster: “Remember to book your Christmas booster! Each booster gives you up to six months of freedoms! There are no articles in the local media reporting information about this campaign.

2020 . picture

By searching for images, we find same picture With different text: “Let’s keep smoking” (the “Smoking” line is different from the rest).

When searching on the Internet, we find many shots of the same bulletin board or a similar bulletin board in the right format «Let’s keep moving(not “smoking”), all posted through Election campaign 2020 in New Zealand.

here it isA native:

Crop and edit photo

The image is not only modified, but cropped by removing the «G. Hamilton.” Below is the comparison of the two figures, highlighting the cut.

Where did the fake photo spread?

In addition to Mail from Imola today, are the shares of some screenshots and Video Coming from the channel cable stop the dictatorship.

Again via Telegram, we find Job from channel Nunzia Schleiro On December 7, 2021:

over there Job for the user Freeman Rights (which bears the logo of the file Set no Vax dei V_V) where we read: “The Prime Minister of New Zealand is smiling:” Remember to book your call for Christmas! Each recall gives you up to six months of freedom (*not across the board and subject to change). No vaccination, no work, no compensation. “No comment.”


An image spread on social media regarding an alleged cartel of the vaccination campaign in New Zealand has been altered to spread the alleged forced imposition of Covid vaccinations in the country.

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