Faith No More cancels European festivals and UK, Australian and New Zealand dates

More Faithful It has canceled all of its previously announced shows for 2022, including tours to Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as well as a number of European festival offerings.

The group announced the cancellation in a statement posted on social media. The band wrote: “Unfortunately, given the current challenges we are facing, we will not be ready to play on upcoming tours in Australia, New Zealand and UK/Europe.

“Playing at less than 100% after this long is not an option for us.

“We apologize to all of you, ticket holders, and are forever grateful to our fans for your support and understanding.”

last september, More Faithful He dropped all his previously announced shows in fall 2021, noting that the captain Mike Button He was not able to perform as hoped due to mental health issues, which were exacerbated in part by the pandemic. Other members of More Faithful He released a statement expressing his disappointment at the cancellation of the tour while also offering support to his bandmate. They wrote: “To say we feel devastated by these cancellations would be an understatement.

“It’s been a real challenge coming back to this music after five years of absence, but we’ve been working hard for a few months now, and these recent rehearsals leave no doubt that we’re back on top, so this is a very difficult statement to write.

They continued, “After nearly two years of the pandemic and a lack of work, it was sad to pass the news to our team.” “We consider our team like family. And then, just as importantly, we realize what this means for our fans, who have patiently supported us – hoping, as we did, a respite from this frustrating situation. A lot of people took extreme isolation and waited patiently as shows were badly postponed. It will be difficult for them.

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“However, despite all of this, we have a family member who needs help. We think moving forward on these dates would have a very devastating effect on the mike, whose value as a brother means more to us than his work as a singer. He can count on our 100% support to do what he needs to do to make things right. We also ask for your support at this time.

“Thank you for continuing to believe in us.”

Back in April 2020, baton tell rolling rock On his life in quarantine: “Although I am lucky to hope to survive this, I canceled a whole year of tours between different groups, and that definitely affects me, the groups I work with, obviously fans who may or may not have bought tickets! So …Basically, it’s bad. But on a personal level, this locking style isn’t much different from my usual routine, because I’m so tight and private. But sometimes it has a deeper resonance—like, when you want to go to a restaurant with family or friends. No. What do we do? We adapt or we die.”

More Faithful It was originally reunited for touring purposes in 2009, 12 years after the release of its previous studio set, “Album of the Year”, followed in 2015 “The Indomitable Sun”.

in May, More Faithful Europe, scheduled for the summer of 2021, moved to the summer of 2022.

Update from our camp at FNM:

Unfortunately, given our current challenges, we will not be ready to play for…

Written by Faith No More on Thursday, December 9, 2021

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