Fairy Tales, by Mary Catherine Dalloway Espace Alia, 7 July 2022, Avignon.

Fairy Tales of Mary Catherine Dalloway
From Thursday 7 July to Thursday 28 July in the Upper Espace
** 3 Artists for Theater and Music Duration: 50 minutes ** ** The show was created in April 2022, in a co-production with La Ferme de Bel Ébat – Théâtre Guyancourt / Ensemble Les Mouvements de l’âme. Supported by Théâtre des lets – CDN de Montluçon and Talents Hauts. One of the most prolific storytellers of the Grand Siècle, to the voice of female composers of the time. In 1697, Baroness Mary Catherine Dalloway published her four volumes of fairy tales, in which she found some of the genre’s greatest masterpieces, including _L’Oiseau Bleu_ and _La Princesse Springtime_ which announce the famous story of Beauty and the Beast. Aurore Evain brings back this writer’s forgotten memory and restores to her literary jewels the brilliance that has been stolen from her for centuries. This musical show tells, ironically, the adventures of these heroines turned beasts and brave suitors. **Theatrical Director**: Aurore Evain **Music Direction**: Amal Allaoui (Les Mouvements de l’âme) **With **Nathalie Bourg, Amal Allaoui (vocals and flute) and Alice Trocellier (Viola da Gamba)** Costumes and Scenography**: Tania Artioli with the eyes of Carmen Mariscal **Lighting Design**: Jean-Michel Vartner Avignon of Espace Alia, July 7-28, 11:20 a.m. rue Guillaume Bouy (7 minutes a day) walk from the theatre, 78 rue des Infirmières – show 11:30 a.m.), closed on Tuesdays. Two alternating tales: *_Belle with golden hair_: Thursday, Saturday and Monday *_The White Pussy_: Friday, Sunday and Wednesday [**Plus d’informations sur le site de la compagnie**](https://www.lasubversive.org/fairy-tales/) [**DOSSIER DE CREATION**](https://www.lasubversive.org/wp-content/uploads/Contes-des-Fees-dAulnoy-Dossier-de-creation.pdf) [**TEASER**](https://youtu.be/T0_qwwY9Qe4)
Ticket booking (16€ / 11€ / 8€)
The Vandal – Auror Evin

High Espace 31 bis, rue Guillaume-Boy Avignon Saint-Ruf-Vaucluse

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2022-07-07 T11:30:00 2022-07-07T12:30:00; 2022-07-08T11:30:00 2022-07-08T12:30:00; 2022-07-09T11:30:00 2022-07-09 T12:30:00; 2022-07-10T11:30:00 2022-07-10T12:30:00; 2022-07-11 T11:30:00 2022-07-11 T12:30:00; 2022-07-13T11:30:00 2022-07-13T12:30:00; 2022-07-14 T11:30:00 2022-07-14T12:30:00; 2022-07-15 T11:30:00 2022-07-15 T12:30:00; 2022-07-16 T11:30:00 2022-07-16T12:30:00; 2022-07-17 T11:30:00 2022-07-17T12:30:00; 2022-07-18T11:30:00 2022 -07-18T12:30:00; 2022-07-20 T11:30:00 2022-07-20 T12:30:00; 2022-07-21 T11:30:00 2022-07-21 T12:30:00; 2022-07-22 T11:30:00 2022-07-22 T12:30:00; 2022-07-23T11:30:00 2022-07-23T12:30:00; 2022-07-24 T11:30:00 2022-07-24T12:30:00; 2022-07-25T11:30:00 2022-07-25T12:30:00; 2022-07-27T11:30:00 2022-07-27T12:30:00; 2022-07-28 T11:30: 00 2022-07-28 T12: 30:00