Faced with an uncontrollable situation, the mayor makes an inappropriate offer to the residents of his village

Faced with an uncontrollable situation, the mayor makes an inappropriate offer to the residents of his village

Located on the slopes of a dormant volcano in northern Sicily, the village of Alicudi offers an idyllic setting. But behind the beauty of the landscape lies a less peaceful reality. The island suffers from Goat invasionhe explains Parisian. It was introduced 20 years ago for an aborted breeding project, The goats have multiplied uncontrollablyToday, the number reaches a staggering 600. This means six times the human population, which is only 100 souls.

Moving in hungry hordes, goats destroy vegetation, Destroying crops and invading gardens. “There are simply too many“The local café manager denounces the extent of the damage these animals are causing now.”Uncontrollable“The situation has become unbearable for residents who helplessly watch the deterioration of their environment.

The mayor calls for adopting goats

Faced with this alarming observation, Mayor Ricardo Gullo decided to take matters into his own hands. His initiative? Launching a call for adoption for 600 goats. “If someone had the ability to domesticate them, this might be a more beautiful and humane way to control the problem“, explains. The process is called “Adopt a goat“, began on April 1 and ends on April 10.

Farmers from the neighboring island of Vulcano have advanced significantly, He would like to adopt several of them to raise goats and produce ricotta cheese. However, the process is not without challenges. The steep island of Alicudi makes animal evacuation complex and requires significant logistical resources. The use of helicopters is being considered, but their cost represents a major constraint.

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A symbol of human transgressions

Goat invasion of Alicudi Island highlights dangers Introduction of non-native species into fragile environments. This situation, far from being merely anecdotal, is emblematic of the environmental emergency we face. Responsible wildlife management is a crucial issue for maintaining biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems.

the operation “Adopt a goat“It is ultimately a bold and innovative attempt to solve a complex problem. The success of this initiative remains uncertain, however.” It has the advantage of drawing attention to a troubling situation And propose an original and humane solution. The future of the Alicudi goats will now depend on the mobilization of citizens and the ability of the authorities to provide effective logistics services.

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