Facebook: Meta can be forced to pay small media

Facebook: Meta can be forced to pay small media

Australia passed a law in 2021 that gives the government the power to force internet companies to negotiate Content supply agreements with the media.
A review published by the Australian government last week found that it largely worked.

New Zealand media, especially the smaller regional and community newspapers, Struggling to stay financially viable as more ads pop up onlinesaid Mr. Jackson.It is imperative that the recipients of the news content pay for it. “

The law, which came into effect in Australia in March 2021, bucked the tech giants. Facebook responded by temporarily freezing the news feed of Australian users, But he finally gave up.

Since the law was issued, Facebook and Google have signed more than thirty agreements with various media outlets. that ensured appropriate compensation for the content and engagement generated by the media entities.

This same law could extend to all other countries, putting Meta in such a bad spot, that its boss threatens pure and simple to delete all news on his platform.

Indeed, Meta, the owner of Facebook, threatened last night (Monday) to remove all content related to the news of the social network, If the US Congress approves a bill that would allow the media to unite and conduct joint negotiations with society. .

The proposal would allow small or local media to jointly claim reward money for “participation” from big tech companies. User-generated engagement with content produced by media companies.

Congressional officials who spoke to Reuters news agency said lawmakers intend to attach the proposal to a security bill that must be approved by Congress, to ensure it is actually implemented.

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In the message published by Meta, it was written that if this happens, you should consider removing news content from the social network altogether. Which, according to the company, is “better than giving in to coercive contacts that would damage the platform’s value to the media.”

According to the legislators, The bill aims to create a more equitable distribution of profits from advertising on the platform, Where The news feed attracts many users to Facebook, who are also exposed to other content and spend more time on the site, which in turn increases Facebook’s ad revenue.. In response, Facebook claims that media organizations advertise on Facebook for profit and Also get a wide view this way.

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