Fabulous France Check out Italy's U-20 Summer Handbook

Fabulous France Check out Italy’s U-20 Summer Handbook

Emily Gailleton has submitted an early candidate to try the tournament in Verona

Written by Ben Hart in Verona

France channeled its “blue spirit” with a stunning 42-21 win in their opening match of the Summer U-20 Six Nations Championship series against Ireland, according to coach Jean-Marc Peder.

Les Bleulets changed their tactics against Ireland as Emilie Gailleton and Nicolas Depoortere presented the top contenders for the championship.

Béderède says he is proud to see his team playing with conviction and confidence at such an early stage in the competition.

“We call it Blue Spirit,” Peder said, reflecting on his team’s impressive results.

“We are working on it and it is very important for us that the player makes the decision and takes the initiative, wherever he plays, if the situation is good.

“That’s what they did, so it makes me very happy for all the staff to see players like this.”

“We played in our project with great initiative, and we also knew how to keep going and put pressure on this very good Irish team. It was a good game.”

The win was particularly fun as France lost to Ireland by one point in the Six Nations match at Bidder earlier in the year.

The last transfer of Irish half Charlie Tctor broke the hearts of the French that day, but there was no tension after that this time, as the win ended well before the final whistle.

“It’s a kind of revenge,” Bader said. “But it was important for the players to give their best in this match because we know Ireland were the best team in the Six Nations, so it was a huge challenge and they did that.”

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However, the day was not without disappointment, with several players leaving due to injury, including the evening’s French top scorer, Leo Laparte. To name a completely different side of the second round.

“I am also a little disappointed with the injuries of my players,” he said.

“We were hoping Labarth could continue, but it seems like a big injury.”

Pedred insists training will be light over the next few days, before strong France takes on its old rivals.

France will approach this draw with double confidence, having beaten Alan Dickens’ team 26-22 in their last meeting, the final of the 2022 Six Nations Youth Championship.

“The first recovery because the next game is very close to that and we know that England is a difficult team,” Bider said when asked what he would do in the coming days.

“There will also be new players because we have good players who haven’t played.

“But for the next game you also have to do the simple things very well and if we can do that, I think we can do something again.”

The Summer U-20 Six Nations Championship series runs from June 24 to July 12. Fans can watch every match live. For more information visit: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UCJHm6BFw-9JRA1CMekNLwMg

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