F1 GP Belgium, Hamilton thinks of the fans: pilot’s proposal

Lewis Hamilton of Belgium returned with a third place which did not please him, but the world champion is also thinking of the crowd in attendance. The race was definitely surreal.

Lewis Hamilton (Foto: Getty Images)

He was Belgian Grand Prix Certainly the surreal of what we witnessed today, continued only two courses The bad weather that hit the track prevented the race from being held regularly. This was enough, however, to allow Max Verstappen to get a victory, a result that is also important in terms of rating: the Dutchman managed, in fact, to reduce the gap in the rankings from Lewis Hamilton, which now has the advantage of only three lengths.

Thus, the third place could not particularly satisfy the world champion, who aims to win a new title and thus surpass Michael Schumacher in the number of world championships won in his career. Even in such a situation, the British And don’t forget the situation the fans in the stands went through It is clear that their expectations were not fulfilled.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Getty Images)

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Lewis Hamilton’s unexciting third place in GB Belgium: Driver thinks of the fans

At the end of the race Lewis Hamilton They analyzed with journalists what happened on the track with journalists and also did not think about those who found themselves witnessing a race that is difficult to define as such.And. “This weather wasn’t anyone’s fault, but I’m sorry for the fans – said the seven-time world champion microphones Sky Sports -. Fans waited for a race that never happened. The track will never get better, we knew it and they knew it too. In the end we did those two laps behind the safety car, that was the bottom line to validate the race. I hope the fans will be compensated“.

The Mercedes driver did not fail to emphasize the difficulties he faced on the track: “The car in front is gone, noWe couldn’t see. We couldn’t travel at full speed because we didn’t know where the car in front of us was. It was very difficult to see where the bright light was. The race would have been great if it hadn’t rained so hard. I wanted to compete anyway”- He is done.

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