Eye.  Emotionally, this bogeist has been a revealer for 40 years

Eye. Emotionally, this bogeist has been a revealer for 40 years

Isolate people, animals and plants from magnetic fields

Create a copper wire Faraday cage system around the house, a project studied upstream by Edward Viard and in place today.

The three mentioned (opposite) factors can, over time, lead to complications for the people living in the building, but also for animals and plants.

We’re talking about leukemia, anxiety and depression. “Sleeping, without knowing it, is above a mistake, risks making us contract, after a few years, with various health problems. Some scientists testify to this recurring theme,” adds Edward Villar.

He studied a technique to apply to isolate a house from these three grounded electric fields in order to protect its occupants: a copper wire.

To succeed, the detector, inspired by biology, installs two copper wires in parallel, preferably outside and around the respective home. The diameter can vary from 2.5 mm, 4 mm and up to 6 mm depending on the environment and the strength of the disturbing magnetic fields.

The removal process begins in a north direction and continues back to the starting point while adhering to a 21 cm filament separation. This pool makes it possible to move all harmful energies, especially outward. On the other hand, this system is ineffective for the waves produced by everyday devices: mobile phone, microwave, wifi, box, etc.

Dowser in geological geology, the pensioner advises these works: the works of Michel Faraday 1791-1867, Your health is in a safe place By Alain de Lausanne Flag and dowsers by Yves Rocard and So urce and dowsers by Michael Minnick.

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