Expensive, manual landing on Starfield planets will not be possible |  Xbox One

Expensive, manual landing on Starfield planets will not be possible | Xbox One

No game allows you to “manually” land on a planet

@Angmar89: I wasn’t in a dream or a utopia, I was just referring to it Dangerous EliteSurely you don’t know, or you may have never played. The game I have been playing for many years, which has its origins in 1984 (I played it in 3D wireframe at the time!) and has undergone massive developments on various media in almost 4 decades. Elite Dangerous has set the standards so high for its fans that we can’t help but make comparisons to other games out in the space world (not to mention its rich and playable 4K/60FPS graphics).

For example, articles talk about a Starfield with a lifespan of up to 40 hours for 1,000 exploreable planets, while the universe with ED contains more than 400 billion systems (counting by multiplying the number of planets that can only have one system) knowing that it’s not a map Procedural as in No Man’s Sky but representing a massive, definite and finite universe, common to the PC/XBOX/SONY ecosystems. So far, the global ED community has discovered only about 0.05% of the galaxy…

A comment I wrote a few months ago on the topic: https://www.xboxygen.com/News/40020-Elite-Dangerous-Odyssey-the-versions-Xbox-and-PlayStation-are-cancelled

Anyway to get back to realism, driving (and not only that) is total fun in Elite Dangerous, and the manual landing stages on planetary land or on terrestrial or orbital bases are fun. A game has never allowed you to feel such a sense of realism and freedom. The concepts of playtime, and phases of exploration, give us the impression that we are so small and sometimes feel soothing and inexplicable, in such spatial density, while in flight, just as when walking on unknown planets. Obviously, the time to play and progress is not in a few tens of hours, but in thousands of hours. Knowing that it is a game that is still constantly live in real time H24 at the level of trade, geopolitics, conflicts, certain events … and the participation of Internet users in their discoveries.

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Sorry I digress taken with emotion. :-))

It’s because people have totally unrealistic expectations!!

I’m not the kind of person to “sell dreams to”. I have concrete logic, for the proofs above. There is absolutely nothing unreal!!

Now, in no way am I saying that Starfield will not be good, it will be different from what I expect (just a personal opinion). :-)

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