Excluded: “Well, he's our special factor in New Zealand.”

Excluded: “Well, he's our special factor in New Zealand.”

Goal ! FC: Michael, it's very rare to see New Zealand players in Ligue 1…

Michael Burgess: Yes, you're right. The only other New Zealander I think of when referring to Ligue 1 is Bill Tuiloma, who played a few games for Marseille under Marcelo Bielsa.

How is Ben Auld viewed in New Zealand today?

This is a great hope. Although he is young and relatively inexperienced, we have not produced many attacking players with his ability, in terms of close control, dribbling and pace. In addition, he has a very good left foot.

Historically, New Zealand is considered a rugby ground. Can he get New Zealanders to look more at what's happening in football?

certainly. He's an exciting talent that a lot of people are talking about. He's a player who has that little something extra. This is our X factor.

“I saw him mostly in the Netherlands, Belgium or Scandinavia.”

Do you think he is ready to discover European football? Is he ready to take the initiative?

It will be a big step but he is ready to play in Europe, that's for sure, but I would prefer to see him in the Netherlands, Belgium or Scandinavia as a first experience. Then, fast forward through last season and is learning quickly. He's a guy with a good work ethic and patience.

ASSE have just returned to Ligue 1 and have been bought by a new owner. Is this the best option for him?

It depends on the team's expectations. If it's not out of proportion, it can be a good place to learn and grow. Obviously it's difficult as an attacking player if you're playing with the big teams in Ligue 1, especially away from home, and you don't have a lot of possession. But that was Wellington Phoenix's style last season. They were very cautious, willing to come back, give the ball away and play a lot on the counter-attack. Ben adapt to it.

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What can you tell us about the football player? On the man?

As a footballer, what I said above: very fast, with and without the ball, able to clear the ball. He has improved his finishing ability and has become more dangerous inside the penalty area. He has also become much stronger physically over the past 12 months.

As a person, he is a very humble and down-to-earth person. He has a lot of confidence, but he doesn't act like a star at all. He always stays after training to do more. The coaches love his diligence. He has the kind of personality and maturity that will serve him well overseas.

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To summarize

Michael Burgess (The New Zealand Herald) tells us about winger Ben Auld (Wellington Phoenix, 21), who has been pounced on by ASSE. He presents us with a promising picture of the All Whites winger, who is starting to make a name for himself in his native country.

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