Everyday food turns out to be saltier than potato chips

Everyday food turns out to be saltier than potato chips

If you’ve ever avoided potato chips and instead opted for a slice of toast in an effort to be healthy, you may be disappointed to learn about the salt content in bread.

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In fact, new research has found that three out of four slices of bread sold in the supermarket have as much salt in one slice as a bag of salty potato chips.

The food research group, Action on Salt, analyzed 242 breads made by 28 different companies and sold in 10 of the largest supermarkets.

The group reported that five slices of bread were so salty that they contained at least 0.9 grams per serving of two slices, which is more salt than that found in two small bags of McDonald’s fries, each containing 0.44 grams.

In 75% of supermarket bread, at least one slice contained as much salt as 0.34g found in a 25g bag of potato chips, and some contained more salt than government recommendations.

Given that eating too much salt increases your risk of heart attack or stroke, the results are very worrying.

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