Euthanasia is legal in New Zealand as of Sunday

Euthanasia is legal in New Zealand as of Sunday


Euthanasia became legal in New Zealand on Sunday, a year after nearly 65% ​​of voters voted in a referendum to legalize it.

Although it is not yet clear how many people will seek to apply for the procedure, the New Zealand Ministry of Health estimates that About 950 assisted deaths can be requested each year, of which about 350 will be treated, according to New Zealand media things.

To access assisted dying, two physicians must determine that the patient has been properly informed. Furthermore, only terminally ill people who did not live more than six months would be able to request it, as long as they were experiencing an unbearable level of suffering that could not be alleviated.

According to the deputy leader of the ACT – the group that lobbied for the law to be passed in the New Zealand Parliament – Brooke van Velden, The move suggests that the country “will now give those facing terrible suffering options for sympathy and end of life.”

About 6000 health workers completed the training module and 129 doctors and nurses gained access to Euthanasia training, Pick up things.


Of the health workers willing to provide assistance in dying, 64 percent are in the North Island while 34 percent are in the South Island.

The Ministry of Health has already warned that not all regions of the country may have access to a toilet that can apply euthanasia, although any exodus of medical professionals for this reason will be funded by the authorities.

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Although the measure is supported by a majority, its full funding has made it comparable to accessing palliative care, which some health workers have denounced for not having adequate resources.

In addition to New Zealand, there are six other countries in the world where active euthanasia is legal: Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Colombia.

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