«En 1992, les Allemands ont préféré tuer dans l

Europeans are no longer conquerors.”

FIGAROVOX / MAINTENANCE – NASA just launched a Mars simulation program on Earth. Astrophysicist Olivier Moses sees this American project as a new sign of the failure of Europe and France to design a space strategy.

Olivier Moses is a teacher and researcher at the Astrophysics Laboratory in Marseille. He studies at Aix-Marseille University.

Vigarophox. On August 6, NASA announced the organization of three missions to simulate Mars on Earth, for a period of one year. What is it about?

Oliver Moses. – A mission to Mars would require at least two and a half or even three years. To get to this planet, there are two options. Either it takes a year and a half to go there and then there are six months left, before you put in another six months to come back, or the other way around (six months down the road, a year and a half when you go back). Imagine you had to spend two and a half years in a jar with no external stimulation, I think a lot of people would go crazy. In addition, Mars is a particularly inhospitable environment that would make Everest look like an oasis: it is unprotected from cosmic rays due to a lack of magnetic fields and carbon dioxide dominates the atmosphere.

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