European Union summons the ambassador of Cuba

European Union summons the ambassador of Cuba

European Union External Representative Josep Borrell
Photo: Reuters

And because he called for the lifting of sanctions against Cuba in an appeal to the US president, the European Union calls on its ambassador to Cuba, Alberto Navarro. Several members of the European Parliament must demand his impeachment.

NAfter he signed a call to US President Joe Biden to lift the sanctions imposed on Cuba, A. European Union Summon their ambassador to Havana. A spokesman for the European Union’s foreign affairs representative, Josep Borrell, told AFP Saturday that Spanish diplomat Alberto Navarro should explain the reasons for his move in Brussels. Consequently, 16 MEPs have already called for Navarro to be withdrawn from the ambassadorial position.

“We consider that the ambassador does not deserve the high position that he occupies and which he has been entrusted, and we urge you to replace him immediately,” said a letter from European Parliament members from various parties to Borrell. Politicians from the European Conservative People’s Party (EPP), the liberal group Renew Europe and the European Conservative and Reformists group participated. Your open letter on Wednesday was published by the US outlet, “Politico.”

The United States imposed an embargo on Communist Cuba in 1960. The associated sanctions were tightened and relaxed several times over the decades.

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