European Outdoor Film Tour 2021


After a long forced hiatus, due to the epidemic we know so well now, External Film Festival The most famous in Europe, European outdoor movie tour come back with Seven new adventures.

the twentieth edition It begins with seven films about outdoor sports. Champions are athletes who have dedicated their entire lives to exploration. Whether it’s in the deepest forest or on top of the world’s highest peaks, these heroes tell what the world could be like.

The premiere took place in Munich and now, the tour spans across 20 countries around the world. About two and a half hours into the show, including moderation, sweepstakes, and a short medium break. It is clear that the event takes into account all current pandemic regulations, and creates flexible health concepts and alternative digital options. Ads Actually this year are Checkable tickets Which allows contactless check-in at all events EOFT

EOFT is back! Thrilling adventures, real and authentic heroes…everything ready for inspiration from EOFT Champions!


EOFT 2021 FILM Program

to celebrate 20th Anniversary In the European Foreign Film Tour, the organizers did nothing but follow up on what the past years have already achieved. highly eclectic movies, Dedicated entirely to the world of outdoor sports With heroic heroes.

We have mountaineer Karoo North and professional climber Naseem Eshki, two independent women who have chosen to live face to face with the mountain. Athlete Jonas Deichmann faces the toughest challenge of his life: a triathlon around the world. Adventurer Elliot Schoenfeld, discovered by Le Minimaliste, sets off in the woods on the trail of a person who disappeared seventy years ago. Out Of Frame achieves an insane feat in the majestic Mont Blanc. Spellbound and Play Gravity takes viewers to the most beautiful mountains in the world at breakneck speed, with stunning effects.


I am the North

Karoo North and his Endless love for the mountains. An approach that makes you speechless. At the age of 16, he had already reached the summit of Aconcagua (6961 m) in Argentina. He drove his first all-women’s team to the top of Cerro Torre and opened more than 50 new trails in Patagonia and climbed the northern face of the Eiger at the age of 22. But it’s not only her excursions to Patagonia, Alaska, Iran, and the Himalayas that make up her little mountaineer, but also her experience as a mountain guide in the Swiss mountains, behind her homestead. It is here that we will follow Caro in the documentary: On Snowy Peaks, where Caro North feels right at home.

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miles ahead

for every Jonas Deichmann It’s time to take on the biggest challenge of his career. a Triathlon around the world. After his sensational recordings in Eurasia and the Americas and from North Cape to Cape Town, Jonas wants to outdo himself once again. The distance traveled is 120 times that of a single Iron Man. When he starts, Jonas will have to swim 450 km, 19,000 km of cycling, 5,000 km of running and the adventure of a lifetime.


In March 1950, indigenous people, in the middle of the Guyana jungle, found Newspaper French explorer Raymond Mofris But no trace of the author. So when, years later, the young adventurer Elliot Schoenfeld (Le Minimaliste) comes in possession of the diary, immediately intrigued, heading to French Guiana in search of the relics of the Maufrais. What began as a journey into the past soon pushes Elliot to the limits of his power as he approaches dangerously the same fate as Movers.

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the The magic of the journey Expressed in film form. Spellbound chronicles the lives of New Zealand/Aotearoa wing pilots, as these characters soar over majestic crevices, peaks, and streams.

out of frame

Matisse Dumas, French, outdoor photografo. This man belongs to a new generation of mountaineers in all respects. Indeed, his profession requires high physical performance and an excellent technical level. Whether it’s skiing, ropes, or ice axes, the focus is always on the topic. One tells from outside the frame climbing Never seen in the heart the black Mountain.

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climbing Iran

breeze my love that it professional climber in Iran. It almost seems like a contradiction. Rather, it is the reality of the young woman who has had to confront the social restrictions that Iranian culture has imposed on women. Driven by her passion and strong perseverance, Naseem Eshky Overcoming mental barriersAnd Geographical, physical and ideological and establishes fifty new paths in Iran.


Attractive gameplay

Both heroes of this movie love flies. the On the ice for pro Elias Elhard With his great stunts and Drone pilot Sebastian Scherin with his shots. Together, they defy gravity by setting off in an acrobatic race down the mountain and creating one A new dimension to filmmaking.

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