European Cup: What to remember from the first leg of the Round of 16

European Cup: What to remember from the first leg of the Round of 16

James Lowe’s quartet, Toulouse and Montpellier qualifying in the max, and Christophe Urius’ enthusiasm: what to remember from this European weekend that saw four French clubs reach the quarter-finals.

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James Lowe. Four attempts, two passes. The Irish international winger from Leinster put in an impeccable performance against Connacht (56-20). It is the 18th time in history that a player has scored four times in the European Cup, and the first for the Irish province in seven years.

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Ihiya West. Criticized at the end of last season, the opener and runner-up clearly sealed the goal: against UBB (31-23), he scored sixteen points alone, including the attempt, and netted the Maritimes’ sixth straight win in the Atlantic derby. The New Zealander, who is attached to the hinge with fellow countryman Tawera Kerr-Barlow, is now in great shape and La Rochelle won’t complain about that.

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1. And that’s it. Toulouse and Montpellier validated their quarter-final tickets for one point: MHR, qualified 60-59 over the two games, resisted the Harlequins’ comeback while Stade Toulousain knocked out Ulster (20-26 then 30-23).

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4. Toulouse, La Rochelle, Montpellier and Racing 92 qualified for the quarter-finals. Four French clubs are less than last season when five of the top 14 teams (Clermont, La Rochelle, Bordeaux Beagle, Toulouse, Racing 92) joined the European roller coaster. But tricolor rugby still makes up the majority.

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19. The Irish province of Munster, which wiped out the Exeter chiefs, qualified for the quarter-finals of the nineteenth European Cup in its history. Two-time winners of the competition (2006 and 2008), the men in red have not reached this stage since the 2018-2019 season.

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“The red card is the reality of the match, I find it intense. I can’t understand how to carry a player is malicious play, I don’t find it dangerous even if there is speed. It means that playing the wrong Bleeson is more dangerous than my own, honestly I don’t understand, I wish I could We play fifteen. UBB Director Christoph Urius did not get angry after his third streak was ruled out, Mama Faipolo (26) against La Rochelle.

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“It’s a defeat that tastes like a great victory. We went up by fourteen points at the start, we knew it wasn’t a lot. (…) The team held it together and we do a good job with a good defense at the end. These last twenty minutes have been stifling, the pressure has been Massive, but the script smiled at us. We went through all the emotions” Fulgens Ouedraogo, Montpellier’s captain, delighted with MHR’s solidity.

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“Satisfaction is the state of mind. That’s what we came for, the content was more important than the result. Because of the going result, we wanted to show a real face unfortunately, the result on exit was a bit heavy compared to the players’ investments but it’s a match that we will work on and lay our foundations for weeks and months and hope for the years to come.” “. Xavier Sadourny, ASM’s back coach, was trying to be positive after the elimination at Leicester.

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