European Commission chief says EU will not fund 'barbed wire and walls'

European Commission chief says EU will not fund ‘barbed wire and walls’

Twelve countries such as Lithuania and Austria called for such a measure to protect their borders.

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she was “very clear”, will not be. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will not finance Barbed wire and walls At the borders to prevent the arrival of migrants, she said Friday, October 22, at the conclusion of the 27-nation summit in Brussels. This was demanded by twelve countries, such as Lithuania and Austria.

“I have been very clear that there is a long-standing joint position of the Commission and the European Parliament that there will be no funding for razor wire and walls.”, said the head of the European executive, after the European Council, where the topic was discussed.

On Thursday and Friday, Heads of State and Government gathered in the Belgian capital for meetings of the European Council. Tensions with Poland, rising energy prices and preparations for the COP26 conference on Thursday were discussed. On Friday, discussions revolved around the immigration issue.

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