Europe supports Goudourvillois Castle

Europe supports Goudourvillois Castle

Château de Goudourville is committed to its region and likes to modernize itself. Today it welcomes holidays, reunions, parties or weddings, French groups but also English, Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders wanting to discover or rediscover our region, its history and its art. It also receives seminars or corporate events and their birthdays … Outside these periods, the castle organizes historical visits to introduce the rich history of Agennes and France and weekends are open to the public: Heritage Days in September, “Night of the Castles” in October. Finally, it is designed to accommodate more school outings.


All these activities aim to highlight this 11th-century heritage and its region, to revitalize and contribute to local life, and to continue the restoration of the building. Work is needed to update equipment and services provided with accessibility and fire safety standards, restore the top of the renaissance staircase, increase accommodation capacity and improve insulation capacity. These are necessary developments whose technical and therefore financial constraints are very severe. According to Occitanie and Europe: “Our territory has good tourism potential but it is underappreciated. In particular, it is necessary to disseminate better communication on the current offer, to improve cultural life and increase the quality of accommodations. Promoting local tourism will help develop the local economy.”

Through a program called Leader, Château de Goudourville has been selected by Europe to support a 3-year improvement plan amounting to 35% of turnover. “It’s a heartening encouragement,” says owner Genevieve Mifsud. “It’s an invaluable support for this building, for the local attraction and tourist activity it generates.”

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