Etienne Klein apologizes for his trick

Etienne Klein apologizes for his trick

The scientist and philosopher had passed a piece of chorizo ​​to take a shot of Proxima Centauri. He explained that he wanted this gesture to “encourage caution” in the face of the spread of images on social media.

French scientist Etienne Klein has apologized on Twitter for the hoax of passing a slice of chorizo ​​as a shot of star Proxima Centauri, a move that was intended to “To induce cautionAbout the pictures circulating on social networking sites. “I have come to offer my apologies to those who may have been shocked by my deception, which had nothing of origin. He simply wanted to warn against images that seemed eloquent on their own.Twitter Wednesday 3 August Etienne Klein, physicist and philosopher of science.

On Sunday, the French scientist posted an image of a slice of chorizo ​​against a black background, claiming it was an image of the closest star to the Sun, taken with the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). “Image of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light-years away from us. It was taken by JWST. This level of detail…a new world is being revealed day by dayEtienne Klein commented over the photo on the tweet.

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The Director of Research at the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Etienne Klein, 64, is also the producer of the radio programme.Science in questionOn the culture of France. His post, revealed by online media HuffPost, was widely shared on social networks in the last hours.

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