Eternal youth of designer Walter Van Berendonk

Eternal youth of designer Walter Van Berendonk

Belgian designer Walter van Berendonk, in Antwerp, March 25, 2021.

Who came back Coming straight from Planet Dorc, its round face, antennae on its head and large teeth, printed on the pants and leggings from the Fall-Winter 2021 collection, introduced at the end of January. Puk Puk is the strange mascot of Walter Van Beirendonck, who has been eclipsed since 2000 and revived, just like Sado, his beloved dog, from whom he made a fetish creature and died in 1993. «Facebook Facebook is back! », His fans, eternal fans, or young transsexuals who “love” the colorful and humanistic costumes of the Belgian designer, got excited about Instagram.

these “They weren’t even born when I made my first sets, but they know everything.” Laugh. “They buy my old pieces, publish them, and send me pictures that I return to my turn: They amaze me. Through dialogue with them I wanted to reintroduce graphic elements like Puk Puk. Not as a simple version, but as a reinterpretation.”

The hype is back

In 64 years, of which nearly forty years are in men’s fashion, twenty-five years in parade in Paris and thirty years to wear a beard, Walter van Berendonck is experiencing a new youth. a ‘Cultural renaissance’, Wrote HiBestAnd the A site specializing in urban fashions. A community of twenty and thirty things applauded when new platforms start rolling in: Selfridges in 2019, LN-CC in 2020 …

“We’ve always followed his work, but this spring, it seemed the right time to start his show.” Damian Ball, Director of Men’s Fashion at MatchesFashion, which offers for sale a brown jacket with mirrors plus leggings in blue and green, an avamarine clutch, a refreshing shirt red at the nipples or else identifies Walterman, a little man with a designer doll – bald With a big beard, a peck, a drooping belly, and a penis drooping.

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Models of the Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection, presented in January.

“We knew that the joy and humor that sparkled in her collections would resonate as much with our fashion-conscious audience as it would with less-familiar customers,” Damien Ball continues. Van Beirendonck, with around 40 dealers, enjoys: “Sales have never been this good.” This is because, today, the person the press seems like the angels that the press likes to describe looks like a wise old man with a long beard. And with age, the evil man turns into a visionary.

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