Establishment of the Hydrogen Research Institute - New Building Scheme in Sonneberg |  Science

Establishment of the Hydrogen Research Institute – New Building Scheme in Sonneberg | Science

A Hydrogen Research Institute is established – a new building is planned for Sonneberg

24.02.2021, 22:08

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The institute that opened in Sonneberg in February is dedicated to hydrogen research. The new building was planned on the site of the former cargo yard.

The use of hydrogen as an engine in rail transport, where road electrification is expensive, has great potential, in buses, in the movement of heavy goods, in garbage trucks and road sweepers and in heat generation in industry.

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A new research facility is being constructed in the town of Sonnberg, south of Thuringia. The Hyson Institute for Applied Hydrogen Research is now established there, President of the South Thuringia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Peter Trout confirmed Wednesday.

“We are also building on the experience of the h2well research project, in which forty actors from all over Thuringia have been working together successfully since 2018,” said Trout. He named the Kumatec company of Neuhaus-Schierschnitz, the Erfurt Solar Input Association, and the Bauhaus University Weimar as examples for the project participants. With the establishment of the new institute, Trout explained, the aim is to help bridge the gap that still exists between science and research on the issue of hydrogen and the resulting production chain on the other hand.

It’s about developing standards, building supply chains and logistics and making technology suitable for everyday use. Ulrich Palzer of Weimar is the head of the institute.

The cornerstone was first laid in August

Balzer, who heads the Institute for Applied Building Research in Weimar, explained that he already has fifteen years of experience running such an institution. “We have already hired seven employees to form the starting team,” Balzer said. This was also achieved through the promised financing of the project in the amount of three million euros by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The plan is to build a new institute building on the site of Sonneberg’s former cargo terminal, and talks have already been underway with the state development company as the owner. The cornerstone should be laid in August of this year.

Director General Ralph Petruas mentioned that the institute first rented a room in the Sunberg branch of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He is delighted that the Suhl Chamber is taking the lead on hydrogen at Thuringian’s three IHKs. They want to connect all actors.

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