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Essential buggies for adventure enthusiasts | Cart | Industry sectors

Coming from Graz, Chris and Marcus manufacture their vehicle conversions in Burgenland and are believed to be spread all over the world – mainly while traveling. While Chris, whose full name is Christopher Pickford, was traveling across Africa at Unimog to reward himself for successful entrepreneurship in various industries, Markus Beneditschitz devoted himself to studying vehicle development after a truck surfing trip across New Zealand.

What the founders of the company have in common is their love of camping and sports as well as their interest in cars that are able to impress through their practicality and lightness as transportation vehicles suitable for daily use as well as mobile homes – there was the creation of the own company with the aim of building the cars of their dreams, a logical result. Since Marcus and Chris also have a wife and children, the “model” plate truck presented itself as the lowest common denominator for the first basic trucks.

The fact that it couldn’t get around the high quality of the base explains the focus on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models, which have clearly been the first choice for Essential Vans customers, at least in the past few months. Regardless of whether it is short or long, with front, rear or all-wheel drive required in a variety of equipment, Essential Vans has implanted a multifunctional infrastructure in the cargo hold of mostly delivered vehicles, which in addition to insulation and basic scaffolding also contains On flexible airline rails, it includes extra seats and basic camping gear.

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Essential Vans founders: Markus Beneditschitz and Christopher Bickford.

Since the interior can be completely transformed in a few simple steps, a shower, a kitchenette and up to two double beds are available in the evening where there is space for many mountain bikes, surfboards, second-row passengers, and more during the day. Thanks to the lightweight construction and great care in selecting materials, all “on the go” transfers are so comfortable that they can be performed with delicate female hands so as not to disturb men washing dishes, cooking or changing diapers. Here, too, Chris and Marcus build on experience – just like the fact that their wives regularly sit behind the wheel of a truck themselves.

Essential Vans invested nearly two years into developing the base in the form of a truck expansion kit – and every day additional ingredients are modified, which are only included in the range when the two bosses are fully convinced of functionality and quality. The fact that it is still possible to work with Essential Vans cheaper than working alone is not only due to the different shopping options compared to the average person, but also to the huge savings in time that the Essential Vans ‘Upgrade Kit’ brings with it.

This can be done either on your own (supported by comprehensive instructions) or directly by Essential Vans and their partners across Europe. In the event of problems, Essential Vans is always the point of contact and the only service partner – a model that originates in the automotive sector and is highly regarded by customers there. In terms of price, a truck conversion kit starts at around 11,700 euros for self-builders and around 17,700 euros for a fully integrated unit which can be expanded in several ways.

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