Espace Sud and Adie are in contact with young entrepreneurs in Martinique

Espace Sud and Adie are in contact with young entrepreneurs in Martinique

It is a partnership that has worked well since 2008 between the urban community Espace Sud and Adie (the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative). So far, nearly 3,000 people have been able to benefit from microloans to start their businesses. Some of them have opened their doors to their partners. (Re) See the report by Maurice Fulton and Carla Bucero Lanzi.

The attraction of the Grand'Case area in Vauclin is this tent intended to accommodate nature-oriented tourists.

You have to imagine that everything here was fallow. So, some adjustments had to be made. This type of tent costs about 1000 euros. The fit out is really expensive and from there it costs around 10,000 to 15,000 euros.

Armel Reimer, Director of Glamping Farmer

For her farm rental tourism project, Armel took out a small loan of €10,500 which she hopes to repay within two years. This project is consistent with Espace Sud's expectations.

Armelle has an exceptional and innovative tool that we would like to see developed because in terms of tourism, whether domestic or foreign, this is exactly the type of project that new audiences are currently looking for. So yes, for us, it is much better to support this type of entrepreneur.

Maryse Jean-Marie, Vice President responsible for Economic and Tourism Development at Espace Sud Martinique

Espace Sud and the Economic Initiatives Law Association (Adie) have been partners since 2008 in this part of the island.

In total, 2,900 people were funded in their projects with a total budget of €15 million and an average of €5,100 per file.

We support people who do not have access to bank credit to create or develop businesses. What matters to us is supporting people who have the ability to adapt Resourcefulness and real motivation to create their business. For us, everyone can create their own company as long as they have that motivation. It doesn't matter what qualifications you have, it doesn't matter how much money you have in your account or the relationships you have.

Jérôme Trenel, director of ADI Antilles-Guyana

In downtown Le François, Marlene Carreto opened a small tailoring shop. Changing and designing clothes is her passion. But it's hard to be at the table doing all that. She would have to recruit.

Staying in the shop deprives me a little of creating my work, as the workshop is at home. So, my wish is to hire a young man.

Marilyn Carreto, Creative Director of Merveilleuses

In 2023, 300 projects were supported. Addy hopes to increase that number to 350 this year.

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