Espace Privée – Laurent Brunel, gallery in Strasbourg: dates, times, prices

Espace Privée – Laurent Brunel, gallery in Strasbourg: dates, times, prices

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Private Space – Laurent Brunel

Paintings – Sculptures – Drawings

Exhibition from April 1 to May 13, 2023

Opening Saturday 1 April 2023

From 2 pm to 7 pm in the presence of the artist

6, rue des Charpentiers, 1st floor, 67000 Strasbourg

A space both physical and mental, Private Space explores the local universe by showcasing the stages of daily life and intimacy that questions the interactions between the individual and his environment. In these interior scenes, weightless figures, mysterious statues, and decorative elements coexist.

Sculptures and paintings brought together to weave a narrative device through the use of two recurring principles that McGuffin and Rolodome baptized.

McGuffin is a mysterious shape whose identity varies depending on his environment. As for Roludom, it offers a representation of the body that integrates the concepts of porosity and dependence.

Laurent Brunel, born in 1969, is a fellow, graduate of HEAR and ESAL.

Laurent Brunel writes with humor in his series of highly stylized etchings or in his whimsical drawings and reflections on the human condition and our behavior while we are inspired by cinema or literature.

His work mainly revolves around the question of representation and the human figure. He proposes new ways of representation that develop through the intersecting practice of painting, sculpture, and engraving.

The format is treated as an open question that is developed through devices built on the principles of correspondence, dialogue, games and interactions. The question of representation, included in Artistic Legacy and Contemporary Issue, comes in a series around recurring shapes and motifs that allow plastic experiments and reflective explorations.

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