Espace des Arts: colorful seasonal show!  –

Espace des Arts: colorful seasonal show! –

There were a lot of people on Friday evening at 8 pm for the presentation of the new season at the Espace des Arts. Indeed, the public responded to this beautiful invitation to discover the 2023/2024 program, which offers a large number of dates that should not be missed!

Theatre, concerts, circus, dance, hybrid forms, installations, 3 festivals… The audience is spoiled for choice! It was hosted by Adrien Urso, with whom spectators discovered Cabaret under the balconiesThis evening, I made it possible to discover, among others, the 42 proposals presented at the Espace des Arts. With 140 performances (including 43 school performances) and 100,000 users of the Espace des Arts each season, the national stage of Chalon-sur-Saône remains a place of diffusion but also of essential creativity, and Adrien Urso has been the master of ceremonies. The challenge of presenting this 2023/2024 programme, unveiled in Music and Song, in less than an hour and a half!

While Nicolas Royer, Director of Espace des Arts and Sébastien Martin, President of EPCC Espace des Arts, President of the Grand Chalon addressed a few words to the audience, it also took turns on the podium: Aude Girod, Director of Communications and Public Relations at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy* and Stéphane Warnet, Deputy Music Director in CRR; In fact, during the season, several performances and concerts are co-produced with the Grand Chalon Conservatory. The audience was surprised to see Justin Berthelo and Moses Espinosa on stage performing their show that combines dance and circus. We do not enter into an agreement with animals In addition to Léna Bréban and Cléo Senia in the cabaret show Colette Music Hall ; Commissioned creations for Espace des Arts Scène nationale Chalon-sur-Saône productions.

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