Escape with the Orientalist works on display at Espace Saint-Michel in the Condom

Escape with the Orientalist works on display at Espace Saint-Michel in the Condom

The “Orientalist Exhibition of Villa Abdel-Tif” on Place Saint-Michel in Condom invites you to get away from it all.

In the Saint Michel space, the Friends of Saint Michel opened their new and eclectic artistic season. 6 exhibitions will celebrate the summer until the end of October, and so on, until Sunday, April 28, “The Oriental Exhibition of Villa Abdel-Tif” will be held in partnership with the Algerian Bell Department.

In honor of Guy Forzé, veteran and Secretary General of the Returnees, the Algerian Circle of Algerians, with its president Marie-Paul García, presents, through this exhibition, the culture and landscape of French Algeria until 1962 (in collaboration with the Marcel Lezon Foundation). Quintet-Foncigreaves Society), an imprint of North African Orientalism by the famous artists of Villa Abdel-Tif.

For half a century, from 1907 to 1962, artistic life was at its peak in the Italian Medici villa in this 18th-century Moorish-style villa overlooking the Gulf of Algiers and benefiting from exceptional lighting. The capital's artists stayed there for two years. They traveled for two months in the Algerian landscape to immerse themselves in the landscape and people.

The scene changed

Most painters (except a few architects and sculptors), on their return, took brushes for their palettes. A large number of their works have been purchased by private collectors, dozens of whom have loaned them to this unique and unusual exhibition at Espace Saint-Michel in the Condom. Among the ninety paintings, Mr. de Bozon and his belly dancers watch over the city of Oran in Algiers. Paul DuBois's meditative novel The Green Princess is an exemplar of the genre. Valleys, a herd of camels, a reflection of Tuareg life, women carrying their children on their backs and going to work in the fields, the Berdine Gate in Meknes where people wait for a dignitary, the lively government square in Algiers, the interior space of the Kasbah courtyard, walking over the roofs of Algiers, And the beautiful posters like 1924 and the “winter tourism” scene that brings a complete change of scenery… a dream that represents the daily life of artists who crossed the Mediterranean to bring people closer to culture.

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