Escape: Here are the 20 most beautiful monuments in the world according to science!

Escape: Here are the 20 most beautiful monuments in the world according to science!

Is the Eiffel Tower so beautiful as we want to believe it? Its place in the New Seven Wonders of the World is enough for the Taj Mahal to be among the most Most of the buildings are graceful ? Have your say and find out which one Set up The Science Designated as the most beautiful from everything !

The Beauty Subjective in all areas. According to our memories, tastes, feelings and feelings A sense of aestheticsA thing, person, or place can attract our attention while our neighbor will find it of little importance, without understanding our infatuation.
British site RoofingBishop, nevertheless decided to count on him Objective and scientific criteria To point out the beauty of these hundred constructions.

The Golden Ratio: Beauty is in the Hand of Science

To do this, the study uses ” Golden Ratio », An ancient algebraic equation that considers a Beauty ScaleTo analyze the designs of the most famous structures in the world. Based on Role name, It would therefore be possible to judge, in a completely neutral manner, the symmetry of these curves Architectural Exploits Hence knowing which one he has Perfect proportions.

100 architectural works Among the most famous on the planet were analyzed the design Compared to the ideal dimensions for this golden ratio. Effects closer to 100% are considered the most attractive to the human eye.

Monuments: Where do you travel to see the most beautiful building on the planet?

In the “Who Has the Most Beautiful Landmark” game, the United States wins six of its buildings, such as the White House and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, in Top 50. Germany is saving the face of Europeans and comes in second with five buildings on the list.
The France It succeeded in placing two majestic cathedrals of its heritage in this classification: the Cathedral of Bourges and Notre Dame de Paris. Our chauvinism is fulfilled by it.

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While prof around the world Currently complex to achieve, we bring you ideas for your future Trips !

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