Erwan Ledrulec: The site is planned to the end (…)

Erwan Ledrulec: The site is planned to the end (…)

Erwan, have you ever set foot on Class 40
Class 40
# Class 40
Before you take the helm of Everial?

“Yes, I have already done several occasions. In particular, the Brits tour with Nicholas Trossell in Corum in 2018. I was so young, it was hell venture

For 11 days! Then I had the opportunity to do the Trans Jacques Fabre
Trans Jacques Fabre
In 2021 with Nicolas Destis, under the colors of former sponsor Emile Henry. »

How your Figaro Card will help you perform in Class 40
Class 40
# Class 40

“I mix past as a minister and as a sailor Figaro. I think that does something very comprehensive. These last years in Figaro have taught me rigor and attention to detail. I often say that the Figaro years are a bit like ‘prep’, and now that I’m gone to prepare I’ll be able to transition To class 40, on faster boats and more fun to sail! »

promising beginnings

After spending three days on the RORC Caribbean 600, a 600-mile loop around the Caribbean, Erwan got to know the boat alongside Stan Thort. He drove as leader of the Class 40 Everial in the Dfi Atlantique, a two-legged return race from Guadeloupe to La Rochelle, via Horta. With him on board, we find Stan Thoret, Marie Keil de Canart and Sailor Figaro Pip Costa. After seventeen days of racing and finishing sixth in the first stage, Erwan finished victorious in the second stage! A great performance that bodes well for the upcoming season.

“It’s a great victory! We had fun the whole way. We had some difficult moments downwind, which is not the boat’s favorite speed. We made a good course. The last stop under a magical sunrise was breathtaking. The boat was flying. He loves wearing it and it’s his favorite look.” It’s a perfect transport with Stan Thort.Get the boat ready.Now I want to stay in that dynamic by making it progress!Erwan was captivated upon his arrival in La Rochelle.

Class40 Everial’s first project

The Class40 Everial has been under construction at MerConcept Concarneau for a few weeks. Erwan and his technical team plan to make several improvements to the latter. In fact, it is a completely new boat that has not had the benefit of a secondary yard since its inception. However, it does show two transatlantic clocks, so there’s a lot of review work to do.

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Erwan’s point of view

“We planned to completely strengthen the bow of the boat, re-do some bulkheads and add tarps. In terms of performance, we still have a lot of ideas, a lot of small adjustments.

On this site I work with Julien Hereu, my Figaro instructor for years, in whom I have complete confidence. There is also Timothe, another setter for Figaro, who is there to help us. On the compound side, we’re fortunate to be based at MerConcept. Particularly thanks to my years in Figaro, when the yard was located there. It’s a sharp, dangerous outdoor racing team, and I have complete confidence in it.

In parallel with the site, I will process all the data collected over the last two months in the West Indies and on the return trip to create my own pole and sail (these are the computer bases for steering). We will also be designing new sails for the Class40 Everial with our Delta Voile sail maker! »

Launch scheduled for early June

“The arena is scheduled through the end of May, with a relaunch in early June. Unfortunately, the timings are very tight for us to take part in the Normandy Canals Race as initially planned, but this will allow us to fine-tune the work and get really ready for the rest of the season.”

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