Error preventing certificate recovery for import into TousAntiCovid

A bug in Pro Santé Connect, andThe platform that health professionals use to enter valid health card certificates has probably spoiled the weekend for many French people wanting to go public. In fact, between Friday and Saturday, several technical issues prevented the creation of certificates, thus importing the QR code into TousAntiCovid. The authorities are looking for a problem at the level of the servers, very busy in recent days.

You might have tried it this weekend when you wanted to have a drink on the terrace or go to the movies. As of Friday, a series of technical issues appeared Especially some users Health pass. While this summer’s precious sesame is available seven days after the last dose of the vaccine and once the result of the PCR test is obtained, many French people are faced with the unpleasant surprise of You don’t see it happening in their TousAntiCovid app. The app isn’t to blame, however, as the crash was at Pro Health Connect, the platform that pharmacists use to submit test results.

Warning: Pro Santé Connect (connect to SI-DEP by e-CPS or CPS) experienced disruptions on Friday, August 13 from 3.30 pm to midnight, as well as on Saturday August 14 from 8.30 to 10.30 am., Can we read on the main page, before deciding that “It appears that the situation has recovered, but we are monitoring this service closely over the next few days”. Philippe Denery, Vice-President of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Syndicates in France (FSPF), pointed out that “At the moment it seems to be working.”.

TousAntiCovid was temporarily unable to display the health card

The problems began at 4 pm on Friday. According to the Directorate General of Health (DGS), the error in question Especially antigen tests. PCR tests and vaccines do not appear to have been affected. According to Philip Dennery, the problem can come from “Very important flows, especially on Friday afternoon due to transit between departures on vacation for people who have to take trains, planes or other, and because of activities associated with the weekend”.

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Hence, the concern of servers who have already done their job since then Access to the health permit in the TousAntiCovid app. Saturday, The Ministry of Health holds a crisis meeting To address an issue that we have no information about at this time. For their part, health professionals hope that these mistakes will not be repeated. rate 300,000 antigen tests are performed every dayIncreasing server capacity seems like a good start.

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