Erfstadt-Belsem municipality destroyed by landslide

Erfstadt-Belsem municipality destroyed by landslide



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Mauger, L Despondents, Boussoir, M Schnee, Corwin – France 3

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It’s one of Germany’s worst natural disasters: recent floods have killed at least 103 people, as of Friday, July 16. Heavy rains weakened the soil. Near Cologne, a landslide took everything in its path.

It is as if the earth has burned. Previously, there was a farmland or an equestrian center in the Erfstadt-Belsim disaster area. Now, in the hole sucked up by the mud, there are cars and houses, and an entire neighborhood swept away by a dizzying landslide. Large tracts of land continue to decline on the evening of Friday, July 16.

In question, a torrent of water and mud, spilled on Thursday 15 July in the commune near Cologne, after the Irft River overflowed. Fortunately, many residents had the instinct to leave their homes when the waters began to rise. “When we saw our basement flooded to the top and the water was reaching our yard, we decided to leave, but we had no instructions“A woman says. Residents start to return and discover the extent of the disaster.”There are people who may have died, people who lived among usNo casualties were reported, but several people were reported missing.

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