Enjoy your favorite sport in full on CANAL +

Enjoy your favorite sport in full on CANAL +

Rugby fans will be thrilled with myCANAL! CANAL+ broadcasts all Top14 and Pro D2 matches. We tell you everything here.

Welcome to Ovalie, the fantasy country where all rugby fans meet for the excitement of their favorite sport. The only place to handle is not infinite sadness, but joy, accessible on CANAL+ and the myCANAL platform, with Top14, Pro D2 and Canal Rugby Club.

The round ball isn’t the only one that catches the eye, and rugby fans know it. Especially in France, with the rugby union championship, the Top14 is the best in Europe with the Premier League in England. Specifically Follow Top14 matchesAnd With clashes between Stade Toulousain, Racing 92, Stade Français Paris, CA Brive Corrèze, RC Toulon or even USA Perpignan, it’s on CANAL+ and the myCANAL platform!

Top14 lives on CANAL+ and replays on myCANAL

Best rugby union

Best rugby union on myCANAL.
Best rugby union on myCANAL. © Hugo Pfeiffer / Icon Sport

As its name suggests, Top14 welcomes top-tier rugby union teams to France. If in existence since 1892, it has only taken the Top14 name since 2005, and allows the team to promote the iconic label at the end of the season. Prinus shield The magnificent trophy that Toulouse Stadium has lifted 21 times, including the last time in 2021. This is clearly a record. And if we find the vast majority of clubs in the geographical areas where we order chocolates in the bakery, then French stadium in Paris, the Race 92, the Arsi Toulon and recently le rugby Represent other regions in France. Among all these teams that belong not only to the elite of French rugby, but also to Europe, the big posters are regular, shocks on Top14 every weekend exclusively on CANAL +. In each team, there are several international players, French and English, South African or New Zealander. Simply the best rugby game. And it happens at home, on our screens.

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Pro D2 broadcasts and replays on CANAL +

Obstacle course

Pro D2 airs and replays on CANAL +
Pro D2 live and replay on CANAL + © Pierre Costabadie / Icon Sport

If the Top14 is already so intense with 14 teams (the Premier League has just 12 clubs), Pro D2 raises it even higher. What should not be practical for drops, penalties and transitions … in Second Division Rugby Union ChampionshipThere are 16 teams, among them Stade Montois Rugby, Aviron Bayonnais, AS Bezier Herault where American Carcassonne. For the Top14, CANAL + guarantees that all matches are broadcast in full and exclusively, to follow your favorite team, but also this crazy race to climb. After the tournament, which consists of 30 days, the first and second seeded teams advance to the semi-finals, joined by two others, from jumps countering 3 to 6, and 4 to 5. The winner of the Grand Final reaches the Top14, while the finalist has to Unfortunate face 13th place from Top14. It is often a harsh scenario, but it is incredibly intense and allows to experience the emotions that only rugby can provide.

Kanal Rugby Club to watch and understand everything

There are so many rugby matches available on CANAL+ that it is impossible to follow them all every weekend. Fortunately, rugby has a major TV event: The Channel Rugby Club, submitted by Isabel Ithurborough, and a great mix of advisors, for example Sebastian Chabal (“Hom, Chapal”), Gilham Garrigues and Mark Livemont where Thierry Desotter. An unmissable event on Saturday and Sunday, to relive the best moments, the most beautiful auditions, extraordinary sequences and exclusive interviews.

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Activate expert rugby mode to play the role of advisor

To play the advisor as well, expert mode, available during Top14 meetings on myCANAL, allows you to do just that Real-time access to many features :

  • Match values
  • Get many statistics
  • Team composition review
  • See the highlights
  • Review results and meeting schedules

Well, there is no point in shouting a lot in front of your TV: the players will not hear your wise instructions.

Rugby even when there is nothing

When the competitions stop, the oval balloon continues to spin on myCANAL, the CANAL+ platform. You will find:

  • Broadcasting the best moments Spearspence
  • the French Sevens Rugby Championship With a powerful and astonishing rhythm
  • Many documentaries, such as sports reporter, where A big man, salute to one who is considered the best rugby player of all time, Jonah Lomo. In four poignant episodes, we look back at the All Blacks’ legendary number 11 trajectory, and see how each one of them thrilled the spectators as well as the opposing players. Episode 4 also on 1999 Rugby World Cup semi-finals, With the semi-final match against France, the players of that time testify to the camera. Juna Lomo, a phenomenon to be (re)discovered, who gave the impression that his opponents were only bouncing against him…

Therefore, rugby never stops on CANAL +, with the possibility to watch the Top14 and Pro D2 matches live or replay, but also many other programs around the oval. So don’t wait any longer to take the test. And convert it…

Also discover all sports on myCANAL, the CANAL+ platform.

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