England's Wayne Barnes will rule France and New Zealand

England’s Wayne Barnes will rule France and New Zealand

Level up match, level up referee. C’est logiquement l’Anglais Wayne Barnes, considéré comme l’un des tout meilleurs arbitres du monde, qui dirigera l’un des matches les plus attendus des tests de l’automne, le France-Nouvelle-Zélande du 20 novembre au Stade from France. So the rugby world that unveiled this Wednesday decided all the officials who will be on the bridge in the coming weeks.

Two big exams for Mathieu Raynal and Romain Poite

The referee of France and Argentina on November 6 at the Stade de France will be held by New Zealand’s Ben O’Keefe, who already captained the Blues’ match in Australia last summer, while France and Georgia will be overseen on November 14 in Bordeaux. South Africa Damon Murphy.

The French referees will lead two matches in the middle and not the least. Matthew Raynal will coach Wales and New Zealand on October 30 and Roman Poyet in Scotland and Australia on November 7. Also note that two other French whistles, Ludovic Kairi and Toal Trinini, will make their debuts as assistant referees at the international concert, notably in Italy and Uruguay on November 20.

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